Image of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Nintendo Switch game collaborated with Mario and Ubisoft leaks

A major overseas game maker · Ubisoft's "Rabbits Land"Rabbits · Party"And the strategy RPG title that Nintendo's" Super Mario "collaboratedFrom 2016Although it was whispered, the collaboration title which is finally found for Nintendo Switch "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom BattleScreenshot of "has been leaked.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Confirmed, Key Art

According to the game media · WWG, in the early May of 2017, the image seen as "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" artwork leaked. Although the leak image seems to have been deleted immediately, the Twitter user Aussie the Shinobi (@ FatalFlowey) saves the image before deleting and tweets the screenshot of the character "Rabbit in Peach princess's clothes" did.

About WWG confirmed Ubisoft about this image, the image was surely admitted that it is the collaboration work of Ubisoft × Nintendo under development "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle". In addition, WWG got an official full size image including Rabbit in Princess Peach. Although details about the game are not revealed, each character is wearing a weapon which shoots the beam to the arm, and the characters of Wii and Wii U title "Rabbits Series" and "Super Mario Series" cooperate with each other It seems to be a game to fight.

"Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" is expected to be released at the world's largest game event · E 3 2017 to be held from June 10, and it will be released as the Nintendo Switch title in the summer of 2017.

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