Headline News for May 28, 2019

It has become clear that the Coca-Cola brand's first energy drink Coca-Cola Energy will be released on Monday, July 1, 2019. Coca-Cola mixed with caffeine, guarana extract, vitamin B6 and niacin, which were released in Europe in April 2019, will be a long-awaited landing in Japan. The price is 190 yen for 148 yen (excluding tax) and 250 ml for 190 yen (excluding tax).

Finally appeared in Japan for the first time! The first energy drink from the 'Coca-Cola' brand 'Coca-Cola Energy' SPREAD YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY Launched from Monday, July 1st: The Coca-Cola Company

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

We visited the 'Hibiya Ogaki Smoke Fire' fireworks company located in the 'City to create bright fireworks' fireworks town-GIGAZINE

Abuse and other early childhood stress can be inherited at the genetic level, but on the other hand, it can be broken off-GIGAZINE

Clearly that the plants that have been in symbiosis with the fungus for nitrogen fixation had broken the relationship many times in the past-GIGAZINE

The world's oldest RPG 'Dungeons & Dragons' still played around the world-GIGAZINE

World Heritage-Henderson Island Shoreline Has 37.7 Million Plastic Wastes-GIGAZINE

【訃】 Masayuki Imai, an actor known for his play 'THE WINDS OF GOD'-GIGAZINE

A fan movie 'Project 2501' that made 'GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost in the Shell' with the current technology-GIGAZINE

8 points of perfect speech to learn in 'Graduation speech' leaving a quote-GIGAZINE

Sitting for a long time cuts your life as much as smoking-GIGAZINE

◆ neta (memo, various other)

◆ Science (Science, Learning, Technology)
Researchers Opposed to 'Chibivanian' have the right to rent land Chiba Ichihara | NHK News

The whole 'white' giant panda is photographed China | NHK News

Demand for the country version 0-Can you balance the survival and research of young researchers? 2 | mkepa | note

◆ Society, politics, economy (case, world news, business)
19 children and others being stabbed 2 girls died A man of secure personalities also died | NHK News

South Korea's 21.27 Million People Suspect Presidential Impeachment Government Responds-Reuters

Voice of a man echoing on the scene 'I'll kill you' Children lose words and stand up Kawasaki murder and death case-Sankei News

A raided man possesses four knives, establishes an investigation headquarters Kawasaki raid case-Sankei News

Ruptured morning children's murder case of Noto Kawasaki [photo feature] |

Movement to remove Nomura Securities from lead manager Consecutive companies are scheduled to issue bonds | NHK News

I would like you to refrain from accusations that the Kawasaki murder case 'should die alone if you want to die' (Fujita Takanori)-Individual-Yahoo! News

President arrested for unpaid wages Gifu labor base, to technical interns-Sankei News

'A party to protect from NHK' candidate, voting invalid = address requirement not satisfied-Tokyo Adachi ward selection: Jiji dot com

Trump President 'Pray to the victims' | NHK News

A police officer fires at a man with cutlery in Saitama |

'The Former Eugenics Protection Act is against the Constitution' appeal dismissed Sendai District Court | NHK News

Asking about the former Eugenics Protection Act: The former Eugenics Protection Act is 'unconstitutional'. Claims for damages are rejected Sendai district court decision-Mainichi Shimbun

Accommodation in Kyoto, converted from an invitation policy Mayor 'being filled': Kyoto Shimbun

Rohingya genocide 10 years in prison for Myanmar soldiers 'is already released'-BBC News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Criticism of the original Gentosha of the original version with the presentation ceremony of the literary award writer Akira Hamanaka writer: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Web special feature school refusal A place selected by students of “IQ 145” | NHK News

Measles Vaccine refusal situation | Close-up of Kesa | NHK News Good morning Japan

Todai entrance ceremony 2019 · congratulatory Ueno questionnaire analysis 2 From the description of the reason for answer | The University of Tokyo Online

Congratulations of Chizuko Ueno who touched on sexism 'Assessing' by the University of Tokyo student 60% | NHK News

'Almost daily graph notebook' appeared! -Almost a day notebook 2019

◆ IT · gadget (net, software, hardware, mobile)
Read lots of books with Kindle aloud-Basic reading

Notice of Recruitment of Content Holders with Launch of Secondary Creative Official Program-skeb_jp – Medium

HTTPS is now used on all Hatena Bookmark pages-Hatena Bookmark Development Blog

【Breaking news】 Hatena Bookmark, finally https
Report more than two hours earlier than official announcement

The story of rebuilding the unmaintainable front end environment-CloudWorks Engineer Blog

[Event Report] Intel 10th Generation Core Integrates Thunderbolt 3 On Die-PC Watch

5G 'is it 4G not good?' Problem What is Qualcomm's answer? -ITmedia Mobile

[Ubiquitous Information Bureau of Kazuki Sugahara] Intel announces 10th Core. 10 times process, L1 1.5 times, L2 doubles-PC Watch

What is Signed HTTP Exchanges (SXG) / SXG Explained-Speaker Deck

Google Developers Japan: Build the future of email with AMP

How to make a Fire tablet a large file server. 512GB microSD card application technique

Fresh operation of mail infrastructure

Basics of mail system

Mobile search favicon Do not put out your hands on spam, favicon may not be displayed | Overseas SEO Information Blog

◆ Anime ・ Game ・ Manga (Sub-Carl)

Nintendo SwitchTM 'The Bonded Palm' Promotional Video-YouTube

What is happening now in Magic: The Gathering? Thinking about the future of the competition scene from the expulsion of pro player Watanabe player-4Gamer.net

[Commentary: Hirano Akira] Now that Haruhi gave me 'Suzumiya Haruhi's Runaway' |

It is thanks to Haruhi that I have now. In terms of work, Haruhi is a 'creator' for me and a benefactor of Hayao Hirano.

'The boy who was crying at Hankyu Umeda Station' The starting point of the new master Toshima Shono who the Onshi, Doi guidance Fujian Shichidan talks: Sports bulletin

◆ Sports, Entertainment, Music, Film (Entertainment)

Why was Asano mountain the first victory? Why did Yokozuna and Ozeki no longer win? What is the real reason? (Yamada order)-Personal-Yahoo! News

'Rocket Man' Main Feature Video | Ensuring 'Rocket Man' at Dodger Stadium! -YouTube

◆ New product (clothes, food, housing)
Suntory Green Tea 'Iemon' 'Chocolate Tea' Summer Limited Launch | News Release | Suntory Foods International

(PDF file) Selling 'Bottom ball Udon' from Mar. 4 with Marugame noodles from around the country

Big boy monthly hamburg starts! ~ First installment 'Delicious! Maru Hamburger' ~

(PDF file) Experience the arrival of summer with Big Boy! Monthly dessert-3 cool and gorgeous new items with domestic melon

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