What's behind the epidemic of the word 'Zuckerberg', which means that your Facebook account is frozen?

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In 2019, Facebook has tightened regulations by revising the terms of use and prohibiting posting on `` white nationalism '', and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that `` the Internet needs new rules '' I will. Meanwhile, it is reported that the words 'Zucced' and 'Zuccing', which means that the Facebook account is deleted or frozen, have become popular.

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On Twitter, a tweet saying 'My favorite group has been Zuckerberg ...'

'My favorite Facebook group has been badly upset by Zuckerberg.'

A tweet saying, 'My original Facebook account has been Zuckerberg, so please give me my new account!'

The word 'Zuckerberg being done' suddenly began to be used because the Facebook group called ' Crossovers Nobody Asked For (CNAF)' was temporarily frozen. CNAF is a Facebook group created with the intent of posting an internet meme , often with more than 500,000 members.

The news that the CNAF was suddenly frozen spread rapidly along with the word 'Zucced,' which was used in a small percentage of communities.

The reason why the CNAF was frozen is not clear, but there is a view that it is because a member of the Facebook group called 'Indonesian Reporting Commission (IReC)' reported pleasantly criminally to multiple Facebook groups including CNAF. It occupies a large number. A Facebook spokesperson responded to an interview with news media Mashable , saying, 'We are recovering a group that was already damaged, and we plan to prevent recurrence.' In fact, the temporarily frozen CNAF has already been restored, with about 460,000 members at the time of writing the article.

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