Twitter Jack Dorsey CEO Twitter account is hacked

by Sara Kurfeß

Twitter account of Jack Dorsey , the founder of Twitter, “ @jack ” has been hacked.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account was hacked-The Verge

The hacking group called 'Chuckle Squad' hacked Dorsey CEO's Twitter account. Accounts were hacked Friday afternoon in local time, and hackers tweeted racist remarks, anti-Semitic messages, and comments that denied the Holocaust . These discriminatory tweets remained posted for about 10 minutes, but have been removed shortly.

In response to the account being hacked, Twitter's communication team account tweeted, 'We are confirming that Jack Dorsey's account has been compromised and investigating what is happening.' .

About an hour and a half after Dorsey CEO's account was hacked, Twitter tweeted, “The account is secure. There is no evidence that the Twitter system has been compromised.”

In addition, “The phone number associated with the account was compromised due to a security error by the mobile phone carrier. Using this phone number, an unauthorized user could send a text message to Dorsey CEO ’s account. I posted a tweet on, but this issue has been resolved. ' In other words, hackers used Twitter via short email using the Dorsey CEO's phone number that they obtained independently.

According to a survey, Twitter was tweeting through a company called Cloudhopper that it acquired in the past to support SMS services. This is clear from the fact that “Cloudhopper” was written in the source part of what was tweeted illegally with Dorsey CEO's Twitter account.

Hacking Dorsey CEO's Twitter account is “Chuckle Squad”, the same group that hacked Twitter accounts of famous YouTubers like James Charles, Shane Dawson and King Bach. The group is said to have accessed the Google account of YouTuber / Etika who committed suicide in June 2019. Many victims hacked by Chuckle Squad suggest that AT & T employees have exchanged their SIM cards for their account being compromised.

After a hack by Chuckle Squad, an AT & T spokesman commented, 'We are working with law enforcement to restore customer service and discuss how to secure the account.' .

When Chuckle Squad hacked Dorsey CEO's Twitter account, he tweeted to join Discord's server, but this link is no longer working at the time of writing. The Discord representative told The Verge of the foreign media, “Within minutes after the link was reported to Discord, both the server and its users were completely removed from Discord.” It is. A representative of Discord explained that the reason for account deletion was 'Encouraging all kinds of hacking violates our terms of service'.

Dorsey CEO's account was hacked in 2016.

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