Ace cock 'Yokosuka navy curry ramen' and 'Yokosuka navy curry udon' incorporating the deep flavor of 'Yokosuka navy curry' and the sweetness of onion

As Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture has long been a town where military ports are located, the famous '

Yokosuka Navy Curry ' was created for revitalizing the town in 1999. This curry is based on the curry-rice recipe that was eaten by the navy at the time, which was included in the “ Navy citation reference book ” issued in 1908 (Meiji 41). Only one authorized store can name 'Yokosuka Navy Curry'.

Acecock cups noodles with 'Yokosuka Navy Curry' in 2018. In the new version released on Monday, May 13th, 2019, the sweetness of the onion is further enhanced to make it a tasteful curry soup, so I tried to eat it and check it.

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This is 'Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramen'.

On the side of the package design based on navy blue, a summary of Yokosuka or Naval Curry was listed.

As you look at the ingredients, you can see that the soup contains 'pork seasoning,' 'vegetable powder,' 'pork extract,' etc. and is seasoned with 'powder source.' Ingredients of curry-like ingredients such as 'potato,' 'onion,' and 'ginseng' were listed in the Kayaku column.

The calorie is 262kcal per 62g per serving.

When you open the lid, the flavor of curry drifts out of the cup and stimulates your appetite before pouring hot water.

Immediately pour hot water and set to timer 4 minutes.

When the lid is opened after 4 minutes, the flavor of curry rises from the cup and fills the room.

First of all, when I drank the soup, the curry flavor poured into my mouth, and the rich vegetable flavor and spicy spicy spread on the tongue.

When I try to eat noodles, the soup has a deep seasoning and a strong tortuosity, so it is honest that the impression is that the texture and taste of the noodles are slightly hidden. If you change the point of view, you can enjoy the taste of the leading role curry soup, so it was a combination of noodles and soup that you could feel as a aftertaste of the sauce and umami you could not understand just by drinking the soup alone It was

Next, let's look at 'Yokosuka Navy curry udon'. The package exudes a retro atmosphere as with 'Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramen', but since the base color has been changed from navy blue to yellow, it is designed to receive a more curry-like impression.

Looking at the ingredients, the soup contains 'curry powder' and 'flour', which were not used in 'Yokosuka Navy curry ramen', and also seasoning with 'chicken seasonings' and 'fish and shellfish seasonings' You can see that is used.

The calorie per serving 63g is 275kcal, and both the content and calories are slightly more than 'Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramen'.

When I opened the lid, I saw some dice-shaped potatoes and carrots and other ingredients.

This is the place where the lid was opened 4 minutes after pouring hot water.

When I try to eat it, the taste is milder than 'Yokosuka Navy Curry Ramen', and the fish soup also works well. Spicy is a little less, but because the degree of hotness is suppressed, it was finished in the taste that can be recommended for people who are not good at spicy things and small children.

'Yokosuka Navy Ramen' and 'Yokosuka Navy Curry Udon' are sold at retail stores nationwide, and the price is 194 yen including tax both. In addition, 12 pieces are available for purchase in, and the price is 2369 yen including tax 'Yokosuka navy curry ramen' at the time of article creation, and '2yokoseven yen including' Yokosuka navy curry udon 'is tax-included 2489 yen.

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