CoCo Ichibanya's rich and spicy curry udon & beside it warmed body warmed Ace cook 'Tororakori Curry Udon' 'Soup Curry Soba Curry Soba' I tried it

Cup noodles " Tororu Curry Udon " and " Curry Soba Flavored with Curry Soba ", a collaboration between CoCo Ikuiya and Ace cook of popular curry specialty appeared on November 5, 2018 (Monday, 2018). I tried to eat it at once as to what kind of taste it was, because it was filled with rich curry soup and noodles which can be tasted only with collaboration tightly.

CoCo Ichiya supervision super starch curry udon / thick soup flavored curry soba new release
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"Tororakori Curry Udon" (200 yen tax excluded) is a package with orange color.

CoCo Ichibanya secret spice " Tatari spice " is arranged in a Japanese style and added "Yuzu flavor" "Japanese style spicy spice" and autumn taste "three kinds of mushrooms" are contained.

Looking at the raw material name of "Torori Curry Udon", in addition to "Curry powder", the soup contains patterns such as "powdered soy sauce", "bonitobusi powder", "yuzu powder", etc. unique curry udon . At first it is lined with "Onion" "Eringi" "Bunshimeji" "Hiratake", you can see that it is a cup noodle that you can taste plenty of mushrooms.

The content per meal is 92 g, the calorie consumption is 400 kcal.

When opening the lid, inside of it was a bag of "powder soup" "kayaku" "spice".

"Kayaku" "powder soup" into the cup ... ...

Pour hot water and wait " 5 minutes ".

Stir well after 5 minutes and spice at the end ... ....

"Torori Curry Udon" is complete.

The fragrance of spicy curry drifts strongly and appetizes. The color of the soup is slightly diluted, and it seems that the thickening is making less. When I drank a bite, there was also a flavor that felt "sashimi" in curry flavor.

Curry soup is often entwined with a wide variety of noodles, and the refreshingness of yuzu flavor spice has become a taste accents.

Three kinds of mushrooms had a soft, distinctive texture, and the body was full of warmth with the taste of the autumn taste.

Next, I will try to eat 'thick curry soup curry soba' which is based on green.

Aside from curry, CoCo Ichibanya secret magazine spicy spices are arranged in a Japanese style, and it is different from udon that it is "fish powder blend" instead of "yuzu flavor".

Looking at the raw material name, it seems that soup such as "curry powder" or "bonito powder" has been found in "squared" "egg" "egg" "fried seasoned fried".

The content amount is 93 g per meal and 393 kcal calorie.

When opening the lid, inside "Kayaku entering powder soup" and "Spice" bags are contained ... ...

Seasoned fried tofu was put on top of the beginning.

Spice and quickly take out the bag of the powder soup and quickly enter the inside of the powder soup into the cup ... ....

Pour hot water to the inner line and wait " 3 minutes ". Please note that waiting time is different from "curry ull curry udon".

Stir well after 3 minutes ... ...

Finally it is completed with spice.

When you drink a small soup of thick soup, you can see that the spicy smell is mixed in the spicy curry flavor, and there is a deep taste.

The thin soba where the soup is tangled tightly, I enjoyed a crispy texture.

Fry fried is sweet and seasoned, and you can enjoy a curry soup and a sweet taste collar to blot out when you eat a bite.

"Torori Curry Udon" "Curry Soba Flavored with Sour Soup" has appeared in retail stores such as supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide since November 5, 2018 (Monday).

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