YouTube channel 'Dadabots' which keeps delivering Death Metal generated by artificial intelligence 24 hours a day

The artificial intelligence (AI) ' Dadabots ', which has become able to create original death metal songs by machine learning Death Metal songs, is performing '24 hours daily death metal distribution' on YouTube.

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CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski, who met at Barkly College of Music in Massachusetts, USA specializing in commercial music such as jazz and contemporary American music, automatically generate music based on a learning architecture called Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) We improve artificial intelligence ' SampleRNN ' and develop death metal generation AI called 'Dadabots'. Dadabots divides the music created by the artist prepared for learning into smaller sections, predicts the next section from the previous section, and compares 'the section of the actual music' and 'the section predicted and created by Dadabots' Will create new Death Metal songs while learning on their own.

The death metal actually created by Dadabots can be heard from the following players.

Carr and Zukowski have Dadabots learn music from metal bands such as Æpoch , NOFX , Battles and Meshuggah, and have created albums based on their respective artists. The created album is published online and can be auditioned for free.


According to Carr, most of the songs created were 'unsettled, awful songs that collapsed.' However, learning from the music of the Vancouver-based death metal band Archspire , Dadabots will create a fairly decent and stable song. Based on this result, this project has been launched to distribute Dadabots songs learned from Archspire on YouTube 24 hours a day.

Delivery continues 24 hours a day, for about a month, and can be heard by anyone.

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Carr guesses that Archspire's songs are fast-paced and suitable for Dadabots to learn. Carr and Zukowski say that they want to implement a function to reflect the response from the viewer to Dadabots in the future. In addition, Carr and Zukowski use artificial intelligence Dadabots and seem to aim at 'removing humanity from black metal '.

・ Postscript
Archspire, the death metal band whose own music is used to learn Dadabots, commented, ' Skynet is making our next work!'

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