NVIDIA releases free tool ``RTX Remix'' for MOD creators, allowing anyone to remaster classic masterpieces of yesteryear

NVIDIA has released an open beta version of RTX Remix, a MOD production platform that allows you to revive classic games with beautiful graphics using detailed textures generated by AI and realistic lighting using

ray tracing .

RTX Remix | The Ultimate Modding Platform | NVIDIA

GitHub - NVIDIAGameWorks/rtx-remix: Combined repo for the RTX-Remix runtime

NVIDIA RTX Remix Open Beta now available - Remaster classic games with RTX | GeForce News | NVIDIA

RTX Remix, the tool being used to create Half-Life 2 RTX, enters open beta today — now anyone can remaster old DirectX 8 or 9 games | Tom's Hardware
https://www.tomshardware.com/pc-components/gpus/rtx-remix-the-tool-being-used-to-create-half-life-2-rtx-enters-open-beta-today-now- anyone-can-remaster-old-directx-8-or-9-games

You can understand what happens when you remaster a game with RTX Remix by watching the movie below.

RTX Remix - Remaster the Classics with RTX - YouTube

RTX Remix supports OpenUSD, a file format adopted by many tools such as Blender and Adobe Substance, making it easy to open and edit files in apps associated with NVIDIA Omniverse , including RTX Remix. It is possible to.

You can also exchange it for free, high-quality OpenUSD assets created by NVIDIA.

Generate AI texture tools to automatically enhance old textures to increase resolution by up to 4x and support ray tracing. Below, the left is the original texture, and the right is the AI-enhanced texture.

Plus, modernize your lighting and lower latency with full ray tracing,

DLSS 3 , and Nvidia Reflex .

However, not all classic games are supported. According to NVIDIA, RTX Remix supports fixed-function pipelines in games such as 'Call of Duty 2,' 'Hitman 2: Silent Assassin,' 'Garry's Mod,' 'Freedom Fighters,' 'Need for Speed ​​Underground 2,' and 'Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.' It is said to work optimally with DirectX 8 to 9 games. A list of compatible games can be found at this link .

NVIDIA also states that ``RTX Remix is ​​not a 'one-button' remastering solution,'' and although it greatly improves the effort of MOD development, it still takes time and effort to create a high-quality work. It is estimated that it will take.

RTX Remix has proven its capabilities with 'Portal With RTX ,' a free DLC for the puzzle action game ' Portal ,' and a project to remake 'Half-Life 2' using RTX Remix is ​​also underway. By playing the trailer movie below, you can see how the masterpiece FPS released in 2004 is revived with RTX Remix.

Half-Life 2 RTX, An RTX Remix Project - Announce Trailer - YouTube

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