NVIDIA is releasing a demo movie of 'Real-time ray tracing' that enables super beautiful and realistic CG images

NVIDIA, at its GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2019 held on March 19, 2019 , receives support for DirectX Raytracing (DXR) by game engine Unreal Engine 4 and Unity , We have released a demo movie of a game with ' Real-time Raytracing ' enabled to make lights and colors more realistic.

NVIDIA, Microsoft, Epic Games, Unity and Leading Developers Kick-Start Next-Gen Gaming at GDC 2019 | NVIDIA Newsroom

Ray tracing is rendering that emits light from the camera (viewpoint) of a 3D image as it passes through dots on the screen, reflects it on a polygon, and calculates its reflection, refraction, and color. The RT (Ray Tracing) core included in NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 20 series is a dedicated circuit for performing ray tracing in real time during a game. By performing real ray tracing, as a result, the game can be played with more natural and realistic images with less noise.

The demonstration image of real time ray tracing is actually below. Movies rendered using the GeForce TITAN RTX are quite realistic with light reflections, shadows, and model reflections in mirrors and glasses.

Project Sol Part 3: Real-Time Ray-Tracing Cinematic Scene Powered by NVIDIA RTX-YouTube

In September 2018, NVIDIA released a demo movie with ' Metro Exodus ' enabled for real-time ray tracing. The Metro Exodus game engine is an engine 4A Engine. The atmosphere of the sun through the window and the shadows in the forest further increase the power of the game video.

Metro Exodus: GeForce RTX Real-Time Ray Traced Global Illumination Demo-YouTube

With regard to how real-time ray tracing actually changes the image, NVIDIA has released an image in which the ray tracing function has been enabled on NVIDIA VKRay in the game ' Quake II ' released in 1997. When you play the following movie, you can see that the atmosphere changes as if you wonder, 'Is it really the same?'

However, since real-time ray tracing requires a large amount of calculation and can not be processed by the CUDA core in the conventional architecture, this real-time ray tracing function is enabled only with the GeForce RTX 20 series equipped with the RT core. Is not ... According to NVIDIA, by introducing the driver provided from April 2019, the real-time ray tracing function will be enabled in the GeForce GTX 10 series.

In February 2019, Unreal Engine 4.22 Preview 1 was released, and among them, it became a big topic that real-time ray tracing became possible by supporting ray tracing (DXR) provided by Microsoft DirectX. Also, Unity, a popular game engine alongside Unreal Engine 4, now supports real-time raytracing. With the support of Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, which are used in many games, NVIDIA predicts that the spread of real-time ray tracing in the game industry will accelerate in the future.

The action RPG 'Dragonhound' developed by Nexon is a large title developed using Unreal Engine 4. Below is a rendering of the movie with real time ray tracing. The texture of gems and metal, the glitter of light is a must see.

Dragonhound: GeForce RTX Real-Time Ray Traced Reflections and Shadows-GDC 2019-YouTube

In addition, NVIDIA has released a real-time raytracing demo of the action shooter 'Control' that Remedy Entertainment will release in 2019. 'Control' uses 'Northlight Engine' developed by Remedy Entertainment for the game engine. There are also a growing number of game engines that support real-time raytracing, including the Frostbite Engine and the Crystal Dynamics engine, NVIDIA said.

Control: GeForce RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo-GDC 2019-YouTube

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