We have experienced 'Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit' at Nintendo headquarters, where you can enjoy amazing VR experiences with Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Labo ', where users can play with their hands using cardboard and Nintendo Switch , enjoys new VR ' Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit ' (VR Kit) is 2019 It will appear on April 12 (Fri). I got the opportunity to experience such a VR Kit a little earlier than the release, so I went to the Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto and experienced 'What is the VR experience with the Nintendo Switch?'

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit | Nintendo Labo | Nintendo

Nintendo Labo VR KIT Introduction Video-YouTube

We arrived at the Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto city on March 19th, 2019.

Although there is no Nintendo element at all, the character of 'Nintendo' is found in the corner of the building if you look closely.

So, infiltrate the Nintendo headquarters and have them show 6 Toy-Cons that can be made with VR Kit. From the left bazooka (orange), camera (blue), VR goggles (yellow), elephant (grey), tori (white), wind (light blue), VR goggles are literally goggles, and these are bazookas, cameras, It will be used in combination with the five Toy-Cons such as Elephant Tori.

The VR Kit consists of three elements, '

create, ' ' play, ' and ' understand ,' just like the ' Variety Kit ' and ' Robot Kit '.

First, you need to assemble the cardboard parts included with the kit yourself and 'make' the Toy-Con with your own hands.

The parts are made of cardboard and can be easily assembled without using scissors or glue at all. A “moving manual” is displayed on the Nintendo Switch, so it supports assembly with an easy-to-understand distinction that distinguishes it from the paper model and other plastic models that are assembled.

And in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch 'play' part. This time, I have experienced this 'play' part at Nintendo headquarters.

The last part is 'I understand' how Toy-Con and Nintendo Switch work with the game. Since

it is necessary for Toy-Con to 'make' it with its own hands, it is known at that point that 'I see, this part actually realizes this movement ...', but in addition to that You can deepen your understanding of what role the part that you did not know in your game's dedicated content plays.

The 'VR goggles' that should be called the core of the VR Kit is this. You need to use this VR goggles when playing with any Toy-Con, and you can play with this VR goggle alone.

It looks like this when viewed from the opposite side. There are no headbands in VR goggles, and you need to hold them by hand when you play. The inside is reinforced with plastic parts so that it's safe to put in the hand holding the goggles by getting into VR during the game. As you can see from the fact that the two lenses are included, the VR Kit converts the image projected on the 1280 x 720 pixel Nintendo Switch display into a VR image with two lenses, so the resolution is not very high. However, this does not mean that the quality of VR games is low. The high degree of affinity with the dedicated Toy-Con and the VR of the game makes it possible to fully utilize the five senses other than the visual sense and enhance the immersive feeling as a VR.

The goggles were cut in an arc, so the gap between the head and the goggles was less of a concern. In addition, because gray plastic parts were placed in the goggle body and the part where the head was attached, the skin did not feel sore as it hit the cross section of the cardboard.

When playing with VR goggles alone, you need to attach an orange cover as shown below to ensure that the Nintendo Switch itself does not come out of the goggles, and then attach it to your head with both hands. Because it will be fixed to the head by hand, there is no feeling of restraint or neck fatigue that occurs when fixing VR goggles to the head with a band. All the games that can be enjoyed with the VR Kit last for only a few minutes, so I could not feel tired of the arms that would have been generated by holding the goggles in less than one hour of the experience meeting. In addition, goggles can be used without any problem while wearing glasses, and although all three editors who participated in the experiential event were wearing glasses, dissatisfaction such as 'glasses collide with goggles' has come out at the time of trial did not. In addition, VR goggles are made of cardboard, so they have poor ventilation, and they have a drawback that the parts of the goggles to be covered with the eyes get stuffy if it gets too hot.

The game to play combining VR goggles and exclusive Toy-Con is underwater camera, house camera, tsumiki puzzle, graffiti, tori trilary, norinori jump, bazooka, a match! Kazazoka etc. are prepared ...

In addition, 64 types of games are prepared in 'VR open space', and there are also games that can be played with VR goggles alone.

At the trial session, I play a VR version of the

block named 'Have a block' that can be played with VR goggles alone.

The player's point of view is in the vicinity of the bar that throws the ball out of the block, and the ball thrown by the bar and the debris of the broken block come down from the sky. Usually I play a block completely to play with a whistle, but just change the point of view, and I feel more thrilling and dynamic as I am more likely to say 'Wow!'. Since block breaking is a simple game, you can immediately understand the game without any detailed explanation and there is no need for any difficult operation, so the operation and game does not disturb the immersiveness in VR. However, the sight of balls and blocks coming and going in front of one another comes in succession, so it feels like being drawn into the game while being surprised or relieved. To be honest, Nintendo is able to match the VR game out of a myriad of games, with a performance that is completely unmistakable compared to a game using a dedicated Toy-Con I have been allowed to play. There is a tremendous feeling of having been selected.

You can also check the following movie released by Nintendo to see what the VR version is like a game.

【Nintendo Labo】 VR Goggles 3-YouTube

In addition to VR goggles, I have also experienced what can be done with special toy-cons such as Bazookas, Cameras, Elephants, and Winds, and with the VR Kit version Toy-Con Garage, so each of the following Please check in the article.

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