"House Toy-Con" which can spot mini-games and mysterious creatures by hitting Nintendo Switch and three kinds of blocks in a small house of cardboard

Making peripheral devices of Nintendo Switch with cardboard, understanding the structure, playing with actual use "Nintendo Labo"ofVariety KitWhenRobot KitIt was released on April 20, 2018. Variety Kitpiano·bike·FishingIt is a kit that can make exclusive Toy-Con that you can enjoy, but even among them "House Toy-ConActually assembled, I tried playing what exactly it was.

Playing: Houses | Nintendo Labo | Nintendo

You can see well what kind of kit Toy - Con is home by looking at the following movie officially uploaded.

LABO: House 1 - YouTube

In order to assemble Toy-Con, we use 4 cardboard sheets with white frame with house icons drawn.

Assumed time of assembly with 5 steps in total is 120 minutes to 180 minutes.

First of all, the house itself. A rectangular hole is opened in the part corresponding to the right and left walls and the floor. This hole is for piercing the block.

The structure of the house is simple, it is completed in about 15 minutes. Joy-Con (right) equipped with an IR camera can be attached to the chimney section above the roof.

Next I assembled a "push" block.

Corrugated cardboard of "Denji" on the four sides of the pillar plays the role of a spring, and it returns with the elasticity of corrugated board even when pushing a button.

Paste the retroreflective tape on the bottom of the button. By pushing the button, the part where the reflective tape is pasted pops out and it is a mechanism that it can recognize by the IR camera of Joy-Con (right).

Next it assembled "turning" block. The block has a handle attached to it so that it can be turned. Also, there is one claw on the side ... ...

Insert it in the gap. The role of the claw is not fixed, but it hits the inner shaft, it makes a tick. This mechanismFishing Toy-ConIt was also on the reel of "Turn" to get feedback on the sound.

Tape the tape also on the bottom of the "turn" block. Because it is necessary to paste a lot of small seals, it will be quite detailed work. Since the position where the tape is pasted is important, using tweezers or the like seems to be easier.

"Twisting" block utilizes the elasticity of rubber, the mechanism that the twisted switch is properly restored. It was necessary to pass the rubber band through the shaft of the block, but this was quite difficult and it fought quite a bit.

Successfully let through the rubber band somehow.

The rubber band is hooked inside the block.

If I try to twist it, I will return the screw properly.

Also stick a seal on the twisting block ......

Insert Joy-Con (right) into the chimney ... ...

If you put the Switch body in the house, the house Toy-Con is completed. The structure itself was simple, but the impression that there are a lot of detailed work such as sticking a sticker and passing a rubber band. Still, the time it took to complete was about 50 minutes, which was assembled much faster than the assumed time.

In addition to the three blocks, also create a cable block. I connect the two boxes with a blue string.

Housing for inserting the block which is open to the house Toy-Con

You can actually see the movie by inserting the block into the hole and playing around with various things.

Nintendo Labo "Toy-Con Out of House" watched various blocks and played - YouTube

What appears on the screen is a mysterious creature whose identity is unknown.

Tilt the house, the mysterious creature rolls around the roll.

Effects occurring in the screen also change depending on the type of block and the place to insert it.

For example, inserting a block on the left wall and a twisting block on the right wall enabled you to play a mini game that manipulates creatures on the truck.

Connecting the cable block creates a warp portal on the wall or floor, and if the item is sucked out, it will be spit out.

Also, according to a movie officially uploaded by Nintendo, it seems possible to move living creatures and items from one switch to the other switch by connecting a plurality of Toy-Con with a cable block.

LABO: House 4 - YouTube

What I learned after actually assembling and playing was that "Toy-Con is a bit different in color from other Toy-Con". When you block a house and see a reaction, or give your food up and give it up, the creatures that respond to each other are cute. You can put it in the corner of the room to see how the mysterious living thing looks like, or you can enjoy it like an "electronic pet" which occasionally puts a block and puts a little on it. Because I remembered a little unsatisfactory in that there are only three blocks, I would like to expect development such as an increase in corresponding blocks in update.

In addition, Nintendo Labo Variety Kit is available at Amazon.co.jp at the time of article creation, including tax of 6843 yen.

Amazon | Nintendo Labo (Nintendo Lab) Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit - Switch | Peripheral Equipment · Accessories

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