Nintendo Switch × "Fishing Toy-Con" that you can experience sea fishing more realistic than you imagined with cardboard fishing rods

"Nintedo Labo" will be released on Friday, April 20, 2018, making cardboard the peripherals of Nintendo Switch, understanding the structure while making it, and experiencing a new form of play that actually uses the peripheral devices. it was done. "Nintendo Labo Variety KitIncluded in "Fishing Toy-Con"I made a stretchable fishing rod with cardboard, I thought that I could play a sensory fishing game using reels and straps, actually assembled and played.

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When you actually try fishing with the finished fishing Toy-Con you can see how it feels in the following movie.

Fishing with Nintendo Labo Variety Kit "Hanging Toy-Con" like this and YouTube

To assemble fishing Toy-Con, prepare 6 cardboard sheets with blue frame with fish icons. Also,It is attached to Variety KitAlso use straps, rubber bands and eyelets.

Flying Toy-Con has 5 production steps in all, and it is supposed to have a time of 90 to 150 minutes.

First of all I will make the body of sao. It is ok if you assemble and combine the slender boxes "Saburo", "Jiro" and "Ichiro".

It is like this when actually assembling "Saburou-kun". There is a loop made of corrugated board, and a part like a claw protrudes on the other side.

In the ring part, attach the blue eyelet as the accessory.

After attaching eyelets, combine the boxes. I will fold and insert the claw part out of the box. Because the folded claws are caught inside, you can prevent you from swinging the sao and slipping it out.

Suha is completed perfectly. There is a part to insert Joy-Con (right) at the end of the hand.

Make a part of the reel in this Sao and combine it.

When it coalesces, it looks like this. Nintendo Labo logo is drawn largely on the reel. Joy - Con (left) can be inserted on the left side of the reel.

Musical notes are drawn on a plate shaped like a key.

Insert the long part of the plate into the reel and use it. When winding the reel, the long part of the plate hits the inside of the reel, and it is a mechanism that the tick sounds. Two members of the editorial staff were creating a fishing Toy-Con, but both of us were impressed with the mechanism that enables detailed production.

You can see Joy - Con in the finished Sao, seeing how to actually reel it around, or stretching and shrinking Sao can be seen in the following movie. Although the material is cardboard, Sao was made quite solidly, and there was hardly any wobble even when turning the reel.

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit "Tsuri Toy-Con" I tried turning the reel - YouTube

Next we will create a "sea" to be the base to put the Switch body. In the ocean, we put in a reel that connects rubber.

Sprinkle strings and fix them like the image below.

The completed sea looks something like this. There is a hole with eyelets on the top surface, and a strap wrapped around the reel protrudes from here.

The other side of the string that jumped out of the sea is fixed to Sao. The main body is almost complete with this.

Attaching Joy-Con to Sao ... ...

Fixed the Switch body vertically in the sea. At this time, please be careful because you have to arrange so that the power & volume control button will come to the top right.

This completes the fishing "Toy-Con". The estimated time to completion was between 90 and 150 minutes, but sometimes I was accustomed to making other Toy-Con, in fact it was possible to assemble in about 60 minutes.

Actually fishing and playing it, the movement of Sao is reflected quite finely. When moving Sao back and forth, left and right, movement of fishing line in the screen also works, so you can also move like hooking fish by finely moving fish hooks. When a fish hits, Joy - Con (right) vibrates for a while for a moment, so if you put Sao strongly at that moment, you can feed the fish. The timing is severe than expected, and if you do not stick it all the way up while winding up, it will also escape to the fish as it is.

Fishing Toy-Con is a Toy-Con that is completed in a relatively short time among Variety Kit, but detailed ideas have been made everywhere, such as how to play the sound of reels, how to use straps, So, there were scenes that I was impressed and impressed many times. Although the fishing game was only in the sea, I felt that it could be applied to river fishing and lure fishing as the movement of the straps interlocked finely.

In addition, Nintendo Labo Variety Kit is available at at the time of article creation, including tax of 6843 yen.

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