I tried blasting at the "Bike Toy-Con" of the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, which enables you to enjoy a bike race throughout your body by holding a corrugated handle

It was released from Nintendo on Friday, April 20, 2018Nintendo Labo"Is an item that assembles corrugated cardboard by himself and creates peripheral equipment of Nintendo Switch and plays it.Nintendo Labo Variety Kitinclude"Motorcycle Toy-Con"It is possible to play a sensory type motorbike racing game using a motorbike handle type controller with cardboard. I actually made a bike Toy-Con and tried to blow up.

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I will assemble the motorcycle Toy-Con at once. I will use 8 red cardboard sheets with bike icons drawn.

There are 5 steps in all. Assembly time was supposed to be 120 minutes to 180 minutes.

The first step is to create a left handle. Joy-Con (left) can be attached to the left handle.

On the near side of the left handle, a switch of horn using elasticity of corrugated cardboard is provided.

The second step is to create the right handle.

The right handle has a brake lever. Since thick corrugated cardboard must be folded tightly with a width of 5 mm to 1 cm, it was necessary to securely fold using the flat surface.

When you install the brake lever and wrap it around it, you can assemble it ......

The base of the right steering wheel is completed.

Insert the base of the right handle into the throttle box.

And we use small rubber bands. The bike Toy-Con is structured to take the accelerator like a real motorcycle when turning the right steering wheel, but it is supposed to return to its original position when you release the hand turning hand, this is It is because it is a mechanism using the elasticity of rubber bands.

Through the gap in the box of the throttle, I hook two rubber bands on the base and box protrusions. It was a bit difficult point here, but if you keep wearing rubber bands one by one without hurrying OK. Since the gap of the box is a little narrow for adult fingers, it seems easy to use tools such as tweezers.

If you catch the rubber band in two places, the right handle is completed. It is a rectangular box-shaped handle, but thanks to the brake lever and the accelerator throttle, it is shaped like a bike's right handle.

The third step is to assemble the main body to fix the handle.

Bike Toy-ConSeparate handleIt is a simple structure that fixes the two handles to the main body.

When inserting the T-shaped block into the center of the body, it becomes the rotation axis of the handle.

Furthermore, when we installed the headlight on the front of the main body, it became a motorcycle - like silhouette at last.

This completes the main body.

The fourth step is to assemble the tank and screen base.

Place Switch on the screen. Therefore, it is necessary to paste a sponge tape as a slip stop.

When the screen stand is installed and the main body is inserted in the tank, the motorcycle Toy-Con is completed.

Fit the Switch body in the center screen ... ...

Joy-Con is inserted into the left and right handles OK.

It took about 80 minutes to complete the bike Toy-Con, so it was assembled earlier than the assumed time, because I was grasping the tricks for cardboard assembly. When playing, the tank will be applied to the abdomen. Since it is possible to move the center of gravity by inclination detection of Joy-Con by tilting the handle to the left and right for each body,Hang-onIt is also possible to turn the curve.

Actually I played a racing game using the motorcycle Toy-Con. The following movies are in the bodyGo Pro 5When you tilt the steering wheel or body, you can see how the bike in the screen is also inclined.

Nintendo Labo Shooting with Go Pro playing "Bike Toy-Con" - YouTube

The feeling of play like a big cabin of a motorbike racing game in a game center as if the brake is applied by pushing the brake lever and the inclination of the body is reflected in the movement of the motorcycle as it is. If you want to pursue more realism, it is better to use a chair without backrest or armrest. There are 9 courses, 3 in each level for beginners, intermediate and advanced courses, and the speed level can be selected from 3 levels.

When another editorial staff member also played, "When you turn on the engine or turn the throttle, the Joy-Con plugged into the handle vibrates, and it gets more impressive to feel comfortable" It was done.

Also, although it becomes up to three, you can create and save your own original course. If you run through the stadium freely in the course creation mode, the path of the motorcycle will be the course as it is. Also, it is possible to create a course even by Joy-Con (left) which was put in a motorcycle case made from cardboard.

If you hold Joy-Con in a case and tilt back and forth and right and left, your bike in the screen will also move back and forth and right and left. You can make your own course and run freely around the bike Toy-Con.

When I actually played the bike Toy-Con, I was able to enjoy a bike game full of realism than imagined by Joy-Con's gyro sensor and HD vibration. Also, the point that assembly is not particularly complicated is also a nice point. Not only do races but also you can create courses and stadies yourself, so it is quite ants that you can taste "making fun" in parts other than cardboard. Nintendo Labo Variety Kit In addition to the built-in game, I also want to expect the appearance of a motorbike racing game using the bike Toy-Con.

In addition, Nintendo Labo Variety Kit is available at Amazon.co.jp at the time of article creation, including tax of 6843 yen.

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