I tried shooting the VR space as much as I wanted with a real camera, and experienced 'Camera Toy-Con' of 'Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit' just one step ahead

With the “ Nintendo Labo ”, which invents new play by combining the Nintendo Switch and cardboard, “ VR Kit ” that anyone can easily enjoy VR (Virtual Reality) will appear on April 12, 2019. I had the opportunity to experience ' Camera Toy-Con ', which is like a real camera, and I can shoot freely in the VR space. It was

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You can see how the camera Toy-Con looks like in the following movie.

[Nintendo Labo] Camera 1-YouTube

The real thing of the camera Toy-Con looks like this. Attach the Joy-Con (R) to the part that just touches the grip of the camera, and insert the Joy-Con (L) into the part that hits the middle lens barrel.

The back was able to attach VR goggles which attached the Nintendo Switch body.

I just put on and put on Joy-Con. The Nintendo Switch itself is also attached and has a heavy weight. The lens barrel can be rotated properly so that the zoom and focus can be adjusted with an actual lens. When the GIGAZINE editorial staff who often use the camera from time to time actually prepares, 'It is a feeling of operation that is quite similar to a real camera?'

This time, I experienced an 'underwater camera' that shoots fish on missions in a virtual sea. When I put my face on goggles at once ...

Such a blue and clear sea is spreading, and fish are swimming freely in it.

Point the camera in the direction of the fish, and press the Joy-Con (R) button to release the shutter. You can zoom in and out by turning the lens barrel part into which Joy-Con (L) is inserted. Also, I was able to spread the food and bring fish to the front of the camera.

In the sea, you can either move up to the surface or sink deeper to the bottom of the sea. The operation is very easy, just turn the camera up when you want to float and turn the camera down when you want to sink. The further you go to the bottom, the darker the sea will be, and the type of fish you swim around will also change from mackerel and manbou to deep-sea fish such as chopsticks.

Also, attach the attached snorkel attached with reflective tape to the face, and stand in front of the person holding the camera Toy-Con, the movement of the snorkel will be reflected in the fish in the sea. When I actually tried to move in front of the camera by snorkeling, the editorial staff who shoots fish in the sea without knowing anything, 'The fish suddenly came here and decided to look at the camera! There was also a surprising scene. You can see the following movie to see what it really looks like.

【Nintendo Labo】 Camera 3-YouTube

With a solid camera, I float and sink in the virtual sea and shoot fish and jellyfish with my body, I feel like I'm really diving and shooting in the sea. I realized that I was truly experiencing 'virtual reality'. The camera Toy-Con does not have particularly difficult operations or game content, but just takes a picture as you like, but the sense of realism that can be obtained just by performing the action 'hold the camera and release the shutter' is considerable . Even people who have never experienced VR can fully enjoy 'What is the real feeling of VR?'

The camera Toy-Con was also able to shoot the funny things that appeared in the 'Ouchi Toy-Con ' of the ' Nintendo Labo Variety Kit '.

The “Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit” is scheduled to be released on April 12, 2019, and can be reserved for ¥ 7591 from the following Amazon.co.jp.

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