The quality of the movie 'Alien' arranged by high school students in the play is too high, and Hollywood actors also react

The high school theater department in New Jersey in the United States has made a big repercussion on SNS and the Internet bulletin board when it arranges and plays the classic science fiction thriller movie ' Alien ' directed by Ridley Scott.

Alien: The Play bows in New Jersey high school |

This High School Play Of Alien Will Blow You Away-Game Informer

The North Bergen High School theater club in New Jersey showed 'Alien: The Play' which arranged the movie 'Alien' into theater for two days on March 19 and 22 of 2019. On the SNS, photos and movies that have taken pictures of the play have been posted, and are attracting a great deal of attention.

Photographs of the actors who are dressed in aliens and space suits that appeared in the play. Not only the costume but also the stage decoration is quite elaborate.

The following movie shows the scene where aliens appear in the play. Although the appearance of a rather serious looking alien appears, the venue is surrounded by great cheers. Andrew Fernandez, who posted the movie, seemed to go to the play to see the aliens being played in the high school in his hometown, 'love the aliens who played in North Bergen High School as a school play last night 'All the tools used in the play seem to be made of recycled materials.'

Here is the appearance scene of Faith Hugger . It is a tense scene, so the whole venue is quiet and it seems as if a sense of tension is transmitted to here.

In addition, since the face Hugger appearance scene of the home alien can be checked from the following, it is interesting even if it compares it.

Face Hugger-YouTube

Local residents and people who make North Bergen High School go to the lecture, it seems that the state of the play was uploaded on SNS.

A movie thought that one of the theater staff shot the alien walking through the aisle.

An adviser to the theater club and the screenplay for 'Alien: The Play' was Cuervo, an English teacher at North Bergen High School. 'My inspiration was only that I was a big fan of the movie,' he told Entertainment Weekly's coverage.

In addition to Cuervo, who was in charge of the screenplay, three teachers including Steven Defendini, an art teacher and Brian Bonacci, a music teacher with knowledge of stage lighting, and 16 students participated. The art team, led by Defendini, revealed that he created the alien head using a model of the skull purchased at the sale and a styrofoam donated by a local company, Tom Carroll Scenery.

There is also written information by people who have been performing on Reddit on the Internet bulletin board. According to this, the performance time of the play is about 1 hour and 40 minutes, and 'It is almost the same content as the actual movie except that time-killing performance was added in some scenes for scene change' is. Specifically, it is a scene where it is necessary to change the set etc. for scene change, and it seems that aliens spend more time walking around the spectators.

Here's a picture from opening night last night.: LV426 My school did a play version of Alien.

The photos and movies of 'Alien: The Play' are being spread at once in a social network, and Adam Savage , who is the host of the popular TV program 'The Mysterious Legend ', is ...

Actor's Paul Share

Famous celebrities such as Elijah Wood, who played Frodo Baggins in the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, are also responding.

In addition, the official Twitter of the movie 'Alien', which will mark its 40th anniversary in 2019, is responding 'It is impressive! It will be lively even after 40 years.'

A preview movie of 'Alien: The Play' created by the North Bergen High School theater club is also available and can be checked from the following.

Alien: The Play-YouTube

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