System issues that are one of the main causes of the 'Boeing 737 Max 8' crash are corrected and 'temporarily approved'


Gusti Fikri Izzudin Noor

The cause of the ' Boeing 737 MAX 8 ', which caused two crashes that resulted in over 300 deaths in 5 months, is still under investigation, but software problems and pilot training that seem to be the main causes of the two accidents The issue was reviewed and the FAA tentatively approved it.

Boeing Plans Fixes to Make 737 MAX Stall-Prevention Feature Easier for Pilots to Control-WSJ

Regulators have 'tentively approved' a software fix for Boeing's 737 Max airplane-The Verge


Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed on March 10, 2019 and the Lion Air 610 crash crashed on October 29, 2018, both operated on the Boeing 737 MAX 8; Are seen as relevant . As a result of investigations and studies conducted after the accident, one of the main causes is the “control characteristic enhancement system (MCAS)” to prevent the stall of the airframe mounted on the “MAX 8” and automatically correct it. It has also been pointed out.

In response to the issue, Boeing updated and modified the Boeing 737 MAX 8 system. The FAA has tentatively approved this update. The system may be formally approved after simulation and actual flight testing. However, according to CNN, the cause of the crash is still unclear, and the FAA will not lower the Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight permit until the cause becomes clear.

In addition to system problems, it has also been pointed out that the pilots received flight permits without receiving sufficient training, and these issues are also scheduled to be reviewed.

It turns out that the 'Boeing 737 MAX 8' pilot was only trained on the iPad and pointed out that 'this is not a software error'-GIGAZINE

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