FedEx is considering the introduction of autonomous delivery robot, test operation is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019

Amazon and many startups have announced the introduction of an unmanned delivery robot to solve the last one mile problem in the delivery process of goods. Meanwhile, FedEx , the largest delivery company headquartered in the United States, also announced the autonomous delivery robot " FedEx SameDay Bot ".

Delivering the Future: FedEx Unveils Autonomous Delivery Robot

FedEx unveils autonomous delivery robot - The Verge

You can see what kind of delivery robot the FedEx SameDay Bot is made by seeing the following movie.

Meet the FedEx SameDay Bot

What came up turning around the corner of the building ... ...

Delivery robot developed by FedEx · FedEx SameDay Bot. A display is installed on the front and back of the robot, and you can see that the letter "Hello" is displayed.

FedEx logo is drawn on the side.

The LIDAR sensor which is installed also in the automatic driving car etc. is installed in the upper part of the FedEx SameDay Bot and it is combined with the machine learning algorithm to detect obstacles such as pedestrians and cars and safely avoid it .

I follow the traffic rules properly and cross the pedestrian crossing.

Even if we approach the step, let me ride the front wheel slowly ......

It is possible to pass as it is. FedEx SameDay Bot seems to have been made in cooperation with Mr. Dean Kaemen who was known for developing segway and six wheelchair " iBot " in the past, and has performance which has almost no obstacle to movement in town It is said that.

The maximum speed is 10 miles per hour (approximately 16 km / h)

Even if the dog pops out it stops properly ...

It is possible to go without problems even with a puddle.

It recognizes the red light and stops.

There is also the ability to climb a steep slope ... ....

Even if the ground is gouging, it seems that it can go steadily.

FedEx SameDay Bot reached near the destination ... ...

Change directions smoothly at the entrance.

Overcoming a small staircase ......

I proceeded through the narrow entrance pouch and stopped in front of the door.

Residents can simply receive packages from FedEx SameDay Bot and OK.

FedEx is evaluating the necessity of FedEx SameDay Bot in cooperation with a partner company such as Wal-Mart. 60% of the customers of affiliated retail stores live within 3 miles (about 5 km) from the store, and there is a possibility that autonomous delivery robots such as FedEx SameDay Bot specialized for super local delivery will be active FedEx thinks it is in.

FedEx plans to start a delivery test with FedEx SameDay Bot between FedEx offices in the summer of 2019 around the head office of Memphis. If this exam is successful, FedEx plans to introduce FedEx SameDay Bot in partner companies, and eventually FedEx is planning to provide autonomous delivery robots as standard services.

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