Vatican Swiss guard adopts 3D plastic printer helmet

Protecting the Pope and the Vatican City The Swiss guards are formal units that last for 500 years or more since being established in 1506, the unique and colorful uniforms of the guards, equipment such as spears and armor are now tradition of the time It also leaves a lot in it. The helmets that they wear on their heads are finally being updated to plastic helmets made with modern technology 3D printers.

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The Swiss guard is wearing a helmet called Morion . This helmet has ever been made of steel engraved with the emblem of Pope Julius II. However, this helmet was hot enough to burn while standing for hours in the scorching sun, and had the problem of getting rusted immediately when worn on a rainy day.

A new helmet manufactured by Swiss 3D printing company 3d - Prototyp is UV resistant PVC which was designed by scanning a steel helmet. Weight has been significantly reduced from 2 kg to 570 g. Not only is it resistant to ultraviolet rays but also ventilation holes are provided to keep it cool even in the hot weather, but that durability is not sacrificed. Production costs that cost 2,000 dollars (about 220,000 yen) per dollar are also significantly reduced as 1000 dollars (about 110,000 yen). In addition, it was forged over 100 hours in the past, but with 3D printers it is now possible to print in about 14 hours.

Swiss guard Nicolas Albert replied to CNN 's interview, "Many of us did not like the old helmet so much, so we are looking forward to equipping a new helmet."

There are currently 110 Swiss guards in the Vatican City, but there are strict criteria of enrolling under the age of 30 and a height of 174 cm or more, Swiss men of a Catholic moral code.

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