Studies show that 'conversion therapy' that changes a person's sexual orientation causes suicide and self-harm


Conversion therapy has been widespread in Europe to try to correct homosexuals into heterosexuals in ways that include coercion, lobotomy , and chemical castration. From a religious point of view, 'homosexuality is a sin' and conversion treatment was often given, but as a result of the investigation, many people who received conversion therapy showed symptoms such as anxiety and depression and committed suicide. It was also shown that there is a high probability of attempting self-harm.

2018 National Faith & Sexuality Survey --Ozanne Foundation

Conversion therapy can result in mental illness, poll finds | World news | The Guardian

Of the 4,600 people who participated in the survey on faith and sexual orientation, 458, or about 10%, have tried to change their sexual orientation. Of these, 1 in 10 said they had no choice but to receive conversion therapy, and 22 said they were forced to have sexual intercourse with someone of a different gender. Half of the people who received conversion therapy were teenage boys and girls, and some were under 12 years old. The most common reason for being forced into conversion therapy is that the desire was 'sinful.' More than half of the people who received conversion therapy said they were 'not effective', but only 13 said they were 'very effective'.


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More than half of those who received conversion therapy reported mental health problems, and the most common symptoms were anxiety and depression. About 300 people said they thought or attempted suicide, with more than 100 people having self-harm and more than 70 people with eating disorders.

This survey was conducted by the Ozanne Foundation , which aims to reduce sexual orientation and gender discrimination. ' Conversion therapy that attempts to change an individual's sexual orientation causes problems such as suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders,' the findings will be presented at an Anglican religious conference.

In 2017, the Anglican Church called on the government to ban conversion therapy aimed at changing sexual orientation as unethical and potentially harmful. Even during religious conferences, there is a growing voice that 'conversion therapy is not in the modern world,' while Anglican Communion and Pentecostal people pray to change their sexual orientation and 'rescue.' We encourage you to participate in 'Service'.

Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, England, described the findings as 'shocking and amazing': 'This statistic is a life afflicted by a mixed message of love, acceptance, blame, fear, etc.' Is projected. ' Bayes says he has never heard of such a problem in Liverpool, but the province still has educational challenges and local churches need to learn that LGBTI's sexual orientation and identity are not sins. He indicated that he should end the conversion therapy.

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'If you feel'inferior'because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, that's a mistake. No matter what, anyone who hurt you should regret and apologize.' It was a mistake for God to make you that way. ”It is painful and the prayers need to change. Some churches are in the midst of cultural change and this problem. The only way to solve this is to provide constant education, 'says Bayes.

Jayne Ozanne, the founder of the Ozanne Foundation, was also one of the people who experienced conversion therapy and became a neurose. Ozanne pointed out that the size and severity of respondents who had undergone conversion therapy, as well as their age at the time of the experience, were concerns and said that in some cases urgent protection was needed.

Martin Pollecoff of the British Psychotherapist Association commented that conversion therapy is unreliable and leaves a great deal of scarring to humans. 'Our purpose is to help people with respect to their sexual orientation, not to save them in shame and fear, but to accept and congratulate them on their own,' Polecoff said. rice field.

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