Most of the terms of use of the net service are too difficult to be found to be 'academic journal level'

In order to use various services on the Internet, you need to agree to the terms of service. Originally it should be reviewed carefully and thoroughly, but in fact there are many people who agree with skipping almost. More than 99% of the terms of use of such a net service has been published research papers saying "It is far more difficult than a general reading level at the academic journal level".

The Duty to Read the Unreadable by Uri Benoliel, Shmuel I. Becher :: SSRN

Most Online 'Terms of Service' Are Incomprehensible to Adults, Study Finds - Motherboard

Shmuel Becher, Associate Professor of Law at Victoria University Wellington and Uri Benoliel, Associate Professor at College of Law & Business , target 500 popular US websites including Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb We conducted two tests to evaluate the legibility of the contract.

One is called "Flesch-Kincaid test (FKG)", calculates the score from the average number of words per sentence and the average number of syllables per word and evaluates the readability corresponding to the American grade level level To do. The other is called "Flesch Reading Ease (FRE)" and calculates the score from the average number of words per sentence and the average number of syllables per 100 words and evaluates that the higher the value, the higher the readability .

Many of the prior research on readability seems to be said that texts intended for service users are required to have a comprehension level of 8th grade reading or FRE score of 60 or more in FKG. However, according to the results of Mr. Becher and Benoliel, there are only two services that satisfy that standard among 500 services, the remaining 498 are science requiring education on average more than 14 years He said that it was readable at the magazine level. It turned out that the text of the usage agreement became difficult due to heavy use of specialized legal terms and that the contents could not be understood at all by general users who are not familiar with the law.

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According to the two, for example, Tumblr who prepared easy-to-follow guidelines besides the terms of use, there was about 4.8% of the companies that prepared versions that are easy to understand besides the terms of use arranging legal terms Thing. Although it can be expected that such an ingenuity increases the understanding of the contents of the contract, Becher and Benoliel asked, "What part of the text is binding force? If any trouble occurs, the court gives priority to which document Is it necessary? "I am raising doubts.

FKG and FRE used in the evaluation are used by some countries and local governments to improve the readability of documents such as tax returns and medical benefit plans. Mr. Becher and Mr. Benoliel argue that the text of the consumer contract should oblige the evaluation by FKG and FRE.

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