I tried the trial version of the mechanical action 'DAEMON X MACHINA (Demon Exmakina)' for Nintendo Switch which can play free of charge

Producer Keiichiro Tsukuda , producer for "Armored Core 2", "Armored Core 3", "Armored Core 3 Silent Line" is a producer and a completely new mechanical action for the Nintendo Switch is " Demon X MACHINA (Demon Exmakina) "is. In the Nintendo Direct delivered on February 14, 2019, since delivery of trial version " prototype orders " was announced, I downloaded it and played it.

DAEMON X MACHINA (Demon Exmakina) │ official website

When you play DAEMON X MACHINA, you can see what kind of battle you can enjoy by watching the following movie.

When you enjoy high-speed mechanical battle with "DAEMON X MACHINA (Demon Exmakina)" like this - YouTube

The trial version "Prototype Orders" is a limited time distribution from February 14 (Thursday) 2019 to March 11 (Monday), and it can be downloaded from the following.

Limited trial version Prototype Orders | Demon Exmakina

The stage of Demon Exmakina is the world where the fall of the moon (Moon Fall) crisis of human beings crisis. A war broke out about the mysterious quantum substance "Femto" brought to the ground by Moonfall, but in order to prevent the crisis of destruction, an organization called "Orthare" will be created. The hero belongs to Oritar as a mercenary and goes to fight with AI · Immotal who recognizes humanity as enemy ... ... It is an overview with Demon Exmakina's Zakkuri.

The first thing to do is to create a player character. Sex / skin color / hair / whole face / eyebrow / beard / eye / scratch / tattoo / makeup / suit can be edited.

Even just the skin color is prepared so much that you can make quite free character making.

After doing various trial and error ... ....

I decided on this kind of character. It is also possible to make the eyes of a character an odd eye .

However, in the trial version, it was not possible to edit the character's figure.

When the character makeup is over, the story starts. A player awakened in a place like a laboratory ......

As directed, I encounter 'Four' which is a coordinator with mercenary operators and orals.

As a mercenary, the player rides on the armored armor "Arsenal" and is driven into a fight against Immortals trying to eliminate humanity.

However, in the trial version, it means that the mercenary registration has not yet been completed, so "suitability test" will be conducted to judge whether it is suitable for using Arsenal.

In the trial version, the following hangers are the base base of the player.

You can tell what kind of feeling inside the base is like by watching the following movie.

"DAEMON X MACHINA" (Demon Exmakina) Running around the base and such feeling - YouTube

In order to ride on Arsenal and get the aptitude test, you need to access the terminal in the center of the base.

Then, like this, three options "ORDERS" "HANGER" "SYSTEM" appear. You can select a mission with "ORDERS" and sortie out, "HANGER" you can customize your own Arsenal or equip the acquired weapon. In "SYSTEM" you can change button layout and save game play data.

In "HANGER" you can use "Equipment" to change Arsenal's equipment and "Paint" to change Arsenal's coloring.

At paint I change Arsenal's whole body coloring at once.

It is possible to customize freely as changing colors only for some parts.

In "Equipment" you can use "Armor" to customize Arsenal body and "Weapon" to change Arsenal's equipment.

For example, with an armor screen like this, main specifications etc. of the aircraft are written. 6 types of head / body / processor / light arm / left arm / leg which can be replaced.

In the initial state, only the processor has multiple parts. Since the characteristics of the parts are written in the explanation of the red frame part, it is OK if parts are replaced with reference to them.

However, it is necessary to pay attention because the "total consumption memory" of the red frame part will degrade performance if it exceeds the prescribed value.

So, when Arsenal's custom is over, select "ORDERS" from the console and immediately sort out the mission.

At the beginning, you can select only one order because it is a suitability test for registering mercenaries to Oritar.

Also, at the time of the first sortie, you can enjoy the directing at the time of sortie that is often seen with robotic things. In the trial version, it was only when the first sortie was able to enjoy directing when sorting out, so please do not miss those who care.

So when you fight in Arsenal it will look like this. The meter written as white "VP" at the top of the screen shows Arsenal's durability value. In addition, radar is displayed on the upper right of the screen, and if you check this, you can determine which is the enemy aircraft and which is the ally machine.

The viewpoint of radar is as follows

Argonal's altitude will rise as you press and hold B button or long press.

Arsenal descends as he pushes the left stick.

There is no damage even if it falls to the ground.

Press B once to jump. If the color of the back thruster is red, it is jumping ... ...

It means that it rises if it is blue, that is, it does not fall even if you release the B button.

Pressing the Y button will accelerate Arsenal rapidly and avoid enemy attacks. However, the "STAMINA (Stamina)" gauge in the red frame at the top of the screen decreases, and if it gets to zero, you will not be able to boost. In addition, since the stamina gauge recovers quickly, use Jean Jean OK.

When attacking, use the right stick to aim and use the weapon equipped on the light arm with the "ZR" button, you can use the weapon equipped on the left arm with the "ZL" button. Initially it is equipped with a rifle on the light arm and a shield on the left arm.

Also, when locking on an enemy the following cursor will be displayed.

In addition, Shoruda Weapon equipped on the shoulder part rather than the arm part can be used with "L" button. In the initial state, missiles are equipped, and if locked on, the missile automatically tracks the enemy.

You can see how it will feel when you actually move Arsenal by watching the following movie.

I tried Arsenal in trial version of "Demon X MACHINA" - YouTube

On the field, the enemy may drop weapons as follows.

When approaching this ... ....

We can collect weapons. Arsenal is equipped as it is when there is space in weapons equipments, and in case of already equipped equipment, it is supplemented with remaining debris like the red frame below.

The balance is reported when clearing the mission ......

At the same time, we are able to check the details of what kind of weapon we used and detailed battle data such as the hit rate of weapons. It seems that your battle data is evaluated finely, you can feel the feeling that you became a mercenary really.

If you clear the initial fitness test, you will be able to use "LAB".

In "LAB" you can re-edit the appearance of the character, you can also enhance the physical ability of the character by "human body remodeling".

Three parts, "head part", "upper body part" and "lower body part", which can be remodeled.

I tried to remodel it ......

An unlucky notice appears that "Because of human body remodeling, there was an effect on part of the body."

When I thought of something, the appearance of the player character had changed because I got the eyes of the machine by human body remodeling.

Also, you can equip your weapons and parts acquired in battle with hangers at any time. For example, if you get two kinds of weapons as follows, you can replace the weapon at battle any time by combining arsenal weapons in a light or left pylon. Although it has only rifles in the initial state, if you obtain a proximity weapon etc and equip it with a pylon, you will be able to fight wisely while switching weapons by situations.

In addition, other parts have been acquired from Arsenal who defeated ... ....

If your Arsenal's armor is destroyed it can be replaced. It is OK if we make use of weapons and armor remaining in the battlefield and drive out as much as we can.

Also, you can grab cars and signs on the field and use it for attack.

It actually looks like this.

Besides, attacking the recovery tank on the field ... ...

A light blue field like the following will occur and will restore Arsenal's VP.

Furthermore, even if Arsenal is destroyed, it is also possible to continue fighting with player characters alone.

In the trial version of Demon Exmakina you can play a total of 4 orders. Among them, in the last order, battle with large immortal is possible, so you can enjoy a hard tension that you can not taste with a battle with a small fish immortal. The following movie contains a whole battle with a large Immotal, it takes a certain amount of time for a battle with a large size, and even if Arsenal is destroyed it is well understood that you can grab the victory if you do not give up I will. Also, around 5 minutes and 30 seconds of the movie, as Arsenal maneuvering has a scenario where the immobilized barrier attack of the large immortal and the scene where the movement can not be held between the boundaries of the field exist, not only the enemy's movement but also the field You should also understand well that you have to keep track of where you are fighting.

Large Immortal and Battle with "Demon X MACHINA (Demon Examakina)" trial version - YouTube

Actually playing, Arsenal's operation is easier than imagined, and the impression that if you play about 30 minutes you will be able to move as much as you want, including changing weapons. At first it seemed that Arsenal's movements seemed slick, but as you become accustomed to using boost while considering the consumption of the stamina, you will be able to fly around the sky freely and exhilaratingly. In the trial version, the rifle of the main weapon is very fruitful in effect and power, so I want to use a flashy weapon such as a giant blade, but even if Aim breaks, because the attack is moderately hit by the lock on function , Enemies could easily destroy and felt fairly refreshing. While normal enemies can easily be defeated, the battle with large immotals takes quite a bit of time as it takes quite a while. Also, as we can not visually confirm how much VP of large immortal remains, "It really came about damage ... ...?" It seemed that my heart began to break many times, Successfully destroyed successfully by throwing away attacks, at that moment we achieved a sense of accomplishment that can not be obtained only by scattering enemies.

DAEMON X MACHINA (Demon Exmakina) will be released in the summer of 2019. Since the prototype orders of the trial version are limited-time delivery from February 14 (Thursday) to March 11 (Monday) in 2019, I recommend you to download and play the person you care about sooner .

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