Digital locker service 'UltraViolet' for collectively managing digital contents purchased on different platforms in the cloud terminated

While we purchase digital content only on one platform, we do not have to worry about management, but if you are using multiple platforms, "It is this service that you see with this service Looking at ...... "The things that become difficult to manage. In such a case, convenient is a "digital locker" service that stores and manages music and video content data on multiple platforms on the cloud. " UltraViolet " which was also a groundbreaking existence ended the service on January 31, 2019 local time. Video content purchased by the user with UltraViolet can be transferred to one of the specified services.

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UltraViolet's predicament has continued since October 2017 when the same digital locker service " Movies Anywhere " succeeded in capturing Disney etc. not participating in Ultra Violet. Movies Anywhere is a service that collectively manages contents purchased on a wide range of services such as iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, xfinity, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, FandangoNOW, and allows viewing from the dedicated platform of Movies Anywhere. It was better than UltraViolet in that it not only supports Disney work but also supports content purchased on Apple and Amazon platforms.

Vudu, a video distribution service for Wal-Mart, which was compatible with both UltraViolet and Movies Anywhere, said, "In order to alleviate concern about digital locker service caused by UltraViolet closure," Vudu rents movies and TV programs using Vudu Customers who purchase it or not are not affected by the closure of UltraViolet. "

The video content stored in UltraViolet 's library can be transferred to any service of FandangoNOW , Kaleidescape , Paramount , Verizon , Vudu , and can be viewed even after the UltraViolet service is terminated.

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However, circumstances are slightly complicated for UltraViolet users outside of the United States. This is because foreign players can not create a Movie Anywhere account and can not continue to use digital locker services like UltraViolet. In addition, FAQs established following UltraViolet's service are expected to have little impact, especially in the United States, especially in the United States, currently available through UltraViolet's library through linked retailers Most of the content will continue to be available from those retailers, although there may be some confusion, but I do not anticipate that it will be a large scale, avoiding things to a minimum We are working hard to work on it ", and answers that make us feel that some influence will be given to users outside the United States.

According to UltraViolet, the number of users used was over 30 million, and the number of stored contents was over 300 million.

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