The pirated version of the movie 'hit the camera!' Which was a big hit in Japan will be delivered with Amazon Prime

The pirated version of the indie movie " Do not Stop the Camera " that recorded more than 3 billion yen in box office revenue with production cost of only a few million yen will be delivered on Amazon's video-on-demand service prime video A situation occurred.

A bootleg version of One Cut of the Dead was uploaded to Amazon Prime - Polygon

The movie "Do not Stop the Camera" directed by screen writer and manager Shinichiro Ueda is a work that became one of the most popular movies in Japan in 2018, with an ultra-low budget of only 2.5 million yen . In Japan, we finally recorded a big hit of breaking box office revenue of over 3 billion yen . With this hit, distribution overseas for "Do not stop camera!" Was prepared.

However, this pirated version of "Do not Stop the Camera!" Was uploaded on overseas prime video. According to Polygon, game-based media, Amazon has confirmed ownership of content uploaded using the same system as YouTube's content ID so that the distributor can easily upload videos on prime video It is said that it is. Therefore, in the case of a small-scale indie movie such as "Do not stop the camera!", Anyone who has pirated data can upload a movie and there is a possibility of confronting the problem like this time And that.

Movie "Do not stop the camera! Trailer - YouTube

Even if a movie is deleted immediately after the movie is uploaded on the prime video, the Prime user can download the content and watch it offline. Since Amazon can not delete contents downloaded to this terminal, Polygon points out that this incident may "have a big influence on overseas distribution of" Do not stop the camera! ".

Adam Torel of Third Window Films who has the right to distribute overseas distribution of "Do not Stop the Camera" seems to be contacting Amazon in search of explanation, "As a small business, the lawsuit is time and money There is a possibility that it will take place, what happened if this was a new Avengers movie or an Academy Award work? "

Unintentionally pirated version has been delivered "Do not Stop the Camera!" Third Window Films will be officially released on Twitter from the official English version on January 4 at the UK cinema, January 28 Announced that DVD and Blu-ray version will be released.

Whether "will not stop the camera!" On overseas video on demand service will be officially declared at the time of article creation is unknown. However, Polygon points out that "the pirate version uploaded to the top ten of the best-selling movies in Japan in 2018 raises questions about the uploading process of prime video" .

Movie "Do not stop the camera! "Official site

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