'An application that notifies people that debtors are nearby' appeared in China

by Lukas

To be in debt is not a good thing of a foreign newspaper but I think that I do not want others to know it if possible. However, in China, "an application that notifies people that debts are nearby" has been developed, and it is reported that it will no longer be possible for others to hide their debts.

Hebei court unveils program to expose deadbeat debtors - Chinadaily.com.cn

Chinese debt app: App tells you if you are within 500 meters of someone in debt | London Evening Standard

Google collects various user information and uses it for advertisement display etc, but that information is never given to the government. However, the Chinese government is proceeding with introducing a nationwide national evaluation system called " Social Credit System ", and by 2020 all nations will be ranked by credit score.

Awesome whole people surveillance plan to score points by violation of the net or reality and grading individual credit levels and to blacklist - GIGAZINE

It is said that forming credit scores is a varied element such as loan payment and behavior on public transportation. At the moment different versions of social credit systems are introduced in each city and state, but the Chinese government is trying to integrate all the information and create a huge database.

Meanwhile, in Hebei Province, it was reported that we started operation of "an alarming app when newly borrowed people are within 500 meters of radius". This app named "a map of deadbeat debtors (debtor of the map of penniless)" is, of China's free instant messaging app bicine can be accessed from (WeChat). The information of the borrower who is nearby can also be confirmed on the application.

China Daily, who reported on the application, said it would make it easier to report "those who are pretending that they do not have money but can afford to pay debts" by allowing anyone to access the information of the debtor I will. Hebei Provincial People's Court spokesperson who announced about the application said, "This application is part of strengthening our ruling and creating a socially trustworthy environment."

Regulation to people by the social credit system in China has already been implemented in various scenes. For example, in some regional trials, people with low credit scores are prohibited from boarding domestic flights, or being blocked from using high-speed rail.

Influence on more than 10 million flights and over 4 million high-speed trains in China due to 'Social Credit System' aiming at monitoring the whole nation - GIGAZINE

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