Awesome whole people surveillance plan that scores points by net and reality violations and grades individual credit levels and makes it blacklist

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China is an Internet censorship system that blocks access to websites that publish politically inconvenient information "Great firewallWe are working on strengthening social controls, but this time we are planning to introduce a new social management system that monitors the behavior of all citizens and controls them with scores. The new system puts a penalty on violators of social rules and grades the creditworthiness of the people.

China's New Tool for Social Control: A Credit Rating for Everything - WSJ

By 2020, the Communist Party plans to introduce a new social management system called "social credit system", and as of the creation of the article, it has been introduced in more than 36 regional cities. The social credit system is a system in which penalties are imposed on violations such as unfair riding, signal ignoring, family planning regulations including "two-child policy", and scores for penal points are calculated from the score of individuals managed on the system To be drawn. We analyze the data collected by this system with algorithms and graded the creditworthiness of each citizen. If this creditworthiness is low, there is a possibility that it will adversely affect the daily life of the people.

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For example, in Hangzhou city where the social credit system is being tested, a woman named Chin Lee sometimes got a fraudulent ride at a subway station and was scored from the score of the social credit system. Mr. Lee was detained from trying to go through an automatic ticket gate by using his son's commuter pass discounted, he was fined 6 dollars (about 670 yen) fine and a scoring score reduction of the social credit system. In the warning documents that were in the station premises, if the social credit score goes down, there is a possibility that influences may be affected in various daily lives such as loan and loan review, employment, son's school entry, and so on, I pushed. Mr. Lee says, "It was a coincidental accident that I used the son's school discount period, it was not intentional."

Shanghai City, which has a short period since introducing Social Credit System as an exam, is showing details of each penalty for each offense on the official website of the city. Citizens also can confirm their score. Many of the Shanghai citizens interviewed by The Wall Street Journal did not realize that the social credit system was being experimentally implemented and when asked for their opinion on the system they said, "Before that, spitting acts, , It seems that it is necessary to take measures to raise the people's moral level, such as not helping strangers. "

The social credit system is not deployed throughout China, and I do not know whether Lee's violation really will have a negative effect on my daily life. However, in China, construction of a system to blacklist the people who committed offense has already begun, and men living in Hangzhou City are registered in the blacklist managed by the city as a result of losing in the trial with the landlord, It seems that I can not purchase tickets for air tickets and high-speed trains. Tang Da Ho, a law scholar in Hangzhou City and responsible for the trial of men against such efforts, said, "It was a very big influence for men who operate travel agencies, he is going on a business trip with a client I will not be able to do anything if the Social Credit System punishes a person different from the actual by mistake "What is the negative comment? Article creation It is expected that the currently implemented blacklist will be integrated into the social credit system that will be implemented in earnest.

China's social credit system has not yet been implemented, but police and intelligence agencies in the UK will monitor the public browsing data of the publicLaw is established, And Internet Archive to Canada in preparation for strengthening Internet censorship by the Trump regimePlan to build a new serverIn addition, we are tending to strengthen monitoring in the world, and I am wondering how Japan deals with this trend.


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