Gorigori texture black sander 'Pretty style Majakata' and a crispy texture 'Pretty Style Maji Ya' Tasting Review

From January 5, 2019, " Black Thunder Pretty Style Majikata " and " Black Thunder Pretty Style Majiya " are appearing for a limited time from the "Black Thunder" series of Yuraku Confectionery . Black Thunder is characterized by "crispy texture", but in fact "eating" gorigori texture in "Majikata", and enjoying a soft mouthfelt feeling moistly in "Maji and Wa", I actually tried eating.

"Black Thunder Pretty Style Majikata" "Black Thunder Pretty Style Majiya" Notice of New Release in a Limited Number at Seven Eleven Store nationwide | Black Thunder Fan Site

"Black Thunder Pretty Style Maji Kata" "Black Thunder Pretty Style Maji Ya" package is like this.

"Magicota" "Majiya" In each package, the difference in tactile sensation also appeals from the type of font.

Looking at the raw material of "Majikata", in addition to quasi chocolate, cocoa powder, whole powdered milk, skim milk powder normally included in Black Thunder, "hard cookie" is contained.

It also includes semi-chocolate, cocoa powder, whole powdered milk, skim milk powder, etc. In addition to that, "chocolate cake (including eggs)" and "fresh cream (100% from Hokkaido)" are contained Feature.

"Magicota" calorie is 325 kcal per 61 g of bag.

"Maji ya" calories were 349 kcal per 62 g of return.

Comparing the package with the regular version of Black Thunder, it looks something like this, it's about 2 times larger. Because the regular version Black Thunder is 21 g, "Maji ya" "Magicata" is about 3 times the content amount compared to the normal version Black Thunder.

"Magicata" had 10 chocolate, "Maji and Wa" contained 11 chocolate.

With the normal version Black sander (upper), "Majikata" (lower left), "Majiya" (lower right) side by side like this, "Magicata" "Majiya" is 3 minutes It is about 1 in size. The color tone is "brown color of dark eyes" whose "Majikata" is close to black, "Majiya" is a color similar to the regular version.

I tried eating "Majikata", it is a texture that is gorillol crunchy. Even after chewing a special hard crunch with gorillor and chewy glue, Belgian garigari pearl sugar had a last bit of chewing. The taste is not too sweet although it is sweetness which is clearer than the regular version Black Thunder, and I want to take one next grain.

When I try to eat "Maji wow", it is a hardness like chocolate when I bring it in my hand, but as I chew, my teeth will come in. It melted like unraveling in the mouth, the taste like chocolate mousse spreads, enjoying a different flavor from the regular version and "Magicata".

"Black Thunder Pretty Style Maji Kata" "Black Thunder Pretty Style Maji Ya" is provided for a limited time at the price of 120 yen, from September 5, 2018, Seven Eleven throughout the country excluding some stores.

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