I tried to eat two kinds of black tasted black sanders such as 'Stone seed Thunder mini bar' which played a fusion of 'O-Yatsu' and 'Osnip'

Persimmon seeds of crunching sound the snack of snacks sense that the texture Black Thunder wraps 'persimmon seeds Thunder' has become a mini-bar as 'seed Thunder minibar persimmon', Black Thunder is reborn become bitter in the three types of chocolate For a limited time, the ' Black Black Thunder ' flavor has appeared since March 15, 2019. The

bitterness of ' butterfly ' increased by using two kinds of chocolates, 'Sauce seed Thunder mini bar' and ' Black sander bitter ', which put out the after taste of chimi pepper from the ' Stone seed sander ' that appeared before Since 'Black and Black Thunder' has been sent to the GIGAZINE editorial department, I tried to actually check what kind of power-up I did.

Announcing the Launch of Aoi Seed Thunder Mini Bar | Black Thunder Fan Site

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This is the Family Pack of 'Kakinozu Thunder Mini Bar'.

Looking at the raw materials, 'soybean seed' is described next to quasi-chocolate. In addition, comparing with the raw materials of '

Kashiwa Seed Sander ' reviewed earlier, 'Kashiwa Seed Thunder Mini Bar' contains 'Pepper Seasoning' which has not been used before, and the presence of more common pepper I can expect the feeling to increase.

The standard calorie per 11g is 56kcal.

This is what you get when you take out the 'Seed of the Wolf Seeds Thunder Mini Bar' from the Family Pack. There were 14 'Snow seed Thunder mini bars' in one bag of Family Pack.

In the package of 'Seeds of Sander Seeds Minibar', the tagline 'Saddle with chocolate and Mariage !' Which was also included in the family pack is described.

If you take out the 'Seed of the Agate Seeds Thunder Minibar' (left) and compare it with the normal black sander (right), it is just a mini-bar and one size smaller than the standard 21g black sander.

When I bite a bite, the crispy texture was amazingly a seed of mulberry. As it tastes, it tastes like a chocolate with black sander at first, but it remains spicy after it is swallowed. The texture was changed from the texture of poly-poly of persimmon seeds to the texture of rasp of black sander, and the taste was a mysterious mariage that changed from the chocolate taste of black sand to the taste of persimmon seeds. .

Then, let's look at 'Black Black Thunder'.

If you compare the package with a regular black sander, you can see that the basic design is common. Compared to the usual black sander, which is based on the golden color of lightning, the 'black black sander' is based on platinum color and has become a more luxurious package.

There is also a tagline of 'Black! Black Thunder' which is not found in normal Black Thunder: 'Keep! Bitter!'.

When comparing raw materials of normal black sander (upper) and 'black black sander' (lower), chocolate used in normal black sander is 'quasi-chocolate', while 'black black sander' You can see that 'chocolate' with a higher content of cacao is used.

Calories are 126 kcal per 23 g standard. There is a slight difference, but 'Black Black Thunder' was 2g more than normal Black Thunder.

When comparing 'black black sander' (left) and normal black sander (right) taken out of the bag, it is only blacking 'black beyond black sander' and is more black than normal black sander It was in color.

This is where the 'black black sander' (left) and the normal black sander (right) lined up in half. If you look at the cross section, you can see that 'black black sander' is more tightly packed with chocolate. If you try eating 'black black sander', you can taste the texture of thick plate chocolate and the aroma of rich cacao. The sweetness of chocolate spreads in the mouth at a stretch along with the texture of ordinary black sanders, while the sweetness and bitterness of bitter chocolate is an exquisite balance in 'black black sanders', It was finished in a black sander with a crisp and mature taste.

The 'Stone seed Thunder mini bar' and 'Black black sander' have been sold at retail stores nationwide from March 25, 2019, and the price is 'Black seed black mini bar' 324 yen including tax, 'Black Black Thunder is 43 yen including tax. As 'black sander' is sold for a limited time, it is recommended to check early if you are interested.

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