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Black Thunder '' is a bite-sized pretty style series, `` Black Belly Black Thunder Pretty Style '' and `` White Belly Black Thunder Pretty Style '' are available only on Seven-Eleven from Saturday, January 4, 2020 . Bitter 'belly black' and milky 'belly white', I actually ate how much the difference in taste and compared the taste.

Which one is you ?! Black Belly Black Thunder Pretty Style, Belly White Black Thunder Pretty Style On sale from January 4 (Sat) at Seven-Eleven Japan for a limited time! | Yuraku Confectionery Co., Ltd.

'Black Belly Thunder Pretty Style' combines cocoa cookies and bitter chocolate chips with chocolate, and finishes it with a bitter flavor.

The raw materials were

semi-chocolate and chocolate, chocolate, cocoa cookies, chocolate chips and other chocolate-like ingredients.

The calories are 304kcal per bag.

When I opened the bag, there were 9 black black sanders inside.

The size is about 1/6 of a transportation IC card.

Even if it was split in half, the contents were black.

When you eat it, the crunchy texture of the cookies and the scent of cocoa spread throughout your mouth. Despite the small grains, the bitter taste and the rich chocolate flavor were felt, and even one grain had a satisfying finish.

'White Belly Black Thunder Pretty Style' combines plain biscuit and butter cookie with white chocolate and seems to have a milky flavor.

Ingredients are very similar to blackish black sanders, such as chocolate and semi-chocolate, but less cacao mass and cocoa powder.

Calorie is 291kcal per bag.

When I opened the bag, there were 9 white belly black sanders, the same number as black belly black sanders. The color is lighter than that of the black black sander.

When it was split in half, the inside was whiter than the surface. The black part is a cocoa cookie.

When I try to eat it, the texture of the cookie is crisp and light buttery with a slight smell of butter. It is said that rock salt is contained as a secret taste, and even a little saltiness was felt. The salty finish will make you want to reach the next grain.

Blackish black sanders have a crunchy texture and a bitter and strong taste, while blackish white sanders have a crispy texture and an exquisite balance of sweetness and saltiness, and they have a different taste even with similar appearances I was

'Black Belly Black Thunder Pretty Style' and 'White Belly Black Thunder Pretty Style' can be purchased at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide except some stores, and the price is 120 yen each without tax.

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