PepsiCo is testing the 'snack robot' that delivers confectionery ordered by smartphone at university

PepsiCo 's PepsiCo announced " snack robot " is a self - propelled robot that delivers snacks and drinks ordered with smartphone applications. For the first time as a major American beverage company, the delivery robot has started to operate at the Pacific College of California first experimentally.

PepsiCo Tests Self-Driving Snack Robots at College Campus -

PepsiCo's Self-Driving Snack Delivery Robot - YouTube

Looking at the snack robot from the front is like this. With a camera and headlight for automatic control, it is possible to navigate in dark or rainy days, and it has all-wheel drive capability that can cross the curb and steep slope.

Self-running with 6 tires in total, 3 on each side. In addition, we have a flag with the number written, so you can tell which snack robot will deliver when placing an order.

As a size, it is about lower than the waist of adult men and women. Like the image, I run around slowly in the wide campus.

The snack robot offers Hello Goodness products that PepsiCo "aims to provide more healthy snacks and drinks on the go" with the aim of starting in 2015 and is a delicious and healthy food and beverage product for students It is said that there is an aim to make it more enjoyable of the university.

We will order and pay from the smartphone application.

The snack robot is capable of traveling about 32 km with one charge, and it is running from 9 am to 5 pm in the evening. First of all, as a test, we operate 3 to 5 snack robots on campus with about 210,000 tsubo. Although it does not seem to bring you to the place you ordered, you can receive it by designating more than 50 areas in the university, so it may be helpful when you want snacks and drinks on a wide campus.

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