'Usnip' that you can download with movies of YouTube and Dailymotion crisply with no charge & installation required

" Usnip " is a free software that allows you to download movies with your favorite file format and capacity just by entering the URL of YouTube and Dailymotion. It is unnecessary to extract and install, you can download crispy movies and movies by selecting various formats and resolutions.

Usnip download | SourceForge.net

When you access the above URL and click "Download", you can download "Usnip 2.7.2. Exe". The capacity is 76.2 MB.

Double-click the downloaded "Usnip 2.7.2. Exe" to execute it.

Splash screen is displayed ......

The main screen came out.

Let's try downloading the movie actually, so download the movie of "Do-Don Pon" of Fuji-Q Highland . Copy the URL ......

Paste the URL in the "Copy / Paste the URL ~" field and click "Retrieve Link Details".

Then, downloadable file formats and resolutions such as "MP4" and "3 GP" are displayed in the list.

If you click the "Audio" tab, you can also download audio only.

By clicking the "Settings" tab, you can set the save destination of the downloaded file. By default it saves it in the same folder as the "Usnip" executable file, but you can also select any folder by pressing "Browse".

Return to the "Video" tab, click on the format you like and click "Download".

The download was completed in a few seconds.

This saved movie is this.

I played the downloaded MP4 file with "Windows 10 movie & TV application", and it was able to play without problem.

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