A new sensation that sandwiches the ingredients like spam and eggs like a hamburger We ate 'rice ball burger' onigiri

A shop " rice ball burger" that offers a new sensation rice ball "rice ball burger" invented with hints from Hawaiian fast food "Spam Omusubi" opens in the middle of Osaka Dotonbori in December 19, 2018 did. Based on thickly cut spam and egg-fried, I ate a new kind of food that wraps a topping such as tuna Mayo, pungent tanba, meat miso, kimpira burdock, grilled meat with rice cake and pasta.

What came was Otsaka Minami's downtown area Dotonbori. Rice ball burger shop is located in the place facing " Tonbori River Walk " promenade along the Dotonbori River, which is near from the Ebisu bridge which is crowded with many young people and tourists.

The signs of "Onigiri Burger" are marks.

There are about 4 pairs of tables and chairs beside the shop, so you can eat it on the spot you bought.

The type of rice ball burger begins with the simplest "basic rice ball burger" (280 yen excluding tax), "Akuta Mayonnaise", "Tuna Mayonnaise", "Salmon Mayonnaise", "Appetite Enhancement Plum Plum", "Delicious Spicy Takaaki" "Lotus Fresh Leaves and Shiso Konbu" of 350 yen excluding tax, "Gorokoro Handmade Meat Miso Shochu" of 380 yen without tax, "Direct Fry Thick Fried Oil Miso Shochu", "Lotus Fruit & Burdock Dietary Fiber Kimbira", and tax 480 yen "Large shrimp pre-fried fly" and "Korean style wind-roasted yakisaki burger" are prepared.

In addition, in commemoration of the opening, until December 21st (Fri) of 2018, the basic rice ball burger has become the campaign price of 100 yen etc. ......

From December 22nd to 25th, a box set with multiple rice ball burger sets will be offered.

I wondered what to eat, but this time I ordered "basic rice baller" (front left), "Korean style windmill meat burger" (back), "refreshing leaves and shiso kombu" (front right). When I told that I would eat at the shop front, I was grateful that he gave me a warm tea.

First of all, I tried to eat it from a basic rice ball burger by saying that it is researching the material's ability. The spam wrapped with glue and rice is warmed up just before finishing, and the taste of meat and moderate saltiness are complemented. Also, the egg-fried eggs are slightly warm and seem to complement the flavor of spam. There, Hinyari and cold and crispy lettuce will give you a good chewy feel.

In addition, since rice ball burger has been finished by hand one by one after order placement, you can eat freshly made fruit.

Next time, I tried eating the large leaves and the shiso konbu. Spam and eggs are included, but instead of lettuce, one large leaf is sandwiched between them and a pile of kombies on top of it.

When eating, the large leaves gave a feeling of refreshing to the taste of spam, and the fragrance of konbu was felt, and it was good. It was a personal best of the editorial staff who was in charge of this tasting with the refreshing "taste of adults".

Lastly, Korean style windmilling roasted burger. Korean style grilled meat baked in sauce is plentifully on the basic rice ball burger.

The taste is full of volumes that will not disappoint. Because the flavor of sweet and savoryly roasted meat is confirmed to be tokan, it seems to be said that there is only one kore if it asks for satiety feeling.

"Onigiri burger" is open from 11 o'clock to 23 o'clock.

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