I tried eating at the beard papa new form 'beard papa 20th' where fabric and cream can choose puffed cream covered with butter scented langducia

A new concept shop " beard papa 20th " opened on Whitty Umeda in Umeda underground shopping center from December 14, 2018 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of "Beard Papa" specialty shochuke shop. Three types of shoe fabrics and two types of cream in combination were able to enjoy a total of 6 kinds of cream puffs, so I tried to eat what kind of taste they are finished.

Beard papa 20th "to whity Umesa Grand Open! | Shukelemer Specialty Beard Papa

Arrived at beard papa 20th. It was about 16 o'clock on weekdays when I arrived at the shop, but a few customers were lined up in front of the shop.

When aligned in rows, freshly made puff cream is lined with the slurry through the glass in front of you. Cream puff of fabric cat tongue shoe Eclair three types of shoe Paishu, cream is possible to choose your favorite combination of two types of custard cream premium mellow cream.

When ordering 6 pieces of all combinations of 2 types of cream on 3 shoe fabrics, they put in a fancy paper box and handed out the cream puff.

This time, Ladosha Sho's custard cream (200 yen including tax), premium rich cream (260 yen including tax), custard cream of Eclair shoes (200 yen including tax) and premium fresh cream (260 yen including tax), Paishu's custard cream (tax included 170 yen) and Premium Hot Fresh Cream (230 yen including tax). Because it put custard cream and premium rich fresh cream in one box, it affixed a white seal to the cream puff containing premium rich fresh cream.

I tried out a cream puff on a plate and it looks like this. Custard cream on the left and premium rich cream on the right. Although I do not know the difference between the two for pat and look ... ...

If you look carefully a little cream is popping out of the cream puff and you can see the contents before eating the cream puff.

Looking at the size of cream puff compared to traffic IC cards, it looks like this.

Langshishashu is a newly developed shoe fabric baked carefully, placing Languedosa on Beard Papa special shoe fabric. There are plenty of Languedocas which baked up on the shoe fabric and baked up, and the scent of butter cookie already drifts before eating.

First of all I will try to eat it since it entered orthodox custard. When Langsh Sha is cut, thin yellow custard cream appears from inside. When you bring it to your mouth, you can enjoy the crispy texture of Langdosha and the soft texture of shoes in one bite, perfectly compatible with the sweetness of flavored custard with eggs and vanilla.

If you look closely at the custard cream, you can find a small black grain of Madagascar vanilla beans as chillahora.

Next, cut the direction with premium rich cream. There are plenty of fresh cream in the shoe fabric.

Even premium honey cream can also check the small vanilla beans grain. As soon as I tried it, the flavor of vanilla beans matched the feeling of milk of fresh cream, I felt that the combination of fluffy cream and crisp shoe fabric fluffy was also contrasting and funny.

Next I will eat Eclair shoes. As the name suggests, Eclair Shoe is a cream puff, but the chocolate is coated on the fabric and it is full of eculea.

When cutting the Eclair shoe with custard, it is just like setting the eclair to a puff cream type. Chocolate and custard covered thinly even if you actually eat it is plenty of ice cream, and of course the compatibility is outstanding.

Next I will eat the Eclair shoes premium rice cream. The rich sweetness of chocolate also matches the gentle sweetness of the premium rich cream that is packed tightly in the shoe fabric and does not get caught in the custard cream.

The usual pie shu which is the standard of Beard papa at the end.

When you try to eat custard cream, you can enjoy the crispy texture of Paishu and the thick sweetness of custard cream with tempura.

With premium rich fresh cream, I felt that the orthodox Paishu complemented the mellow texture of fresh cream and gentle sweetness.

Regular menu of pasta shoes and custard cream is served as a regular menu of Beard papa, and premium rich cream is offered for a limited time until 31 December 2018 (Monday, 2018). About Lange Sha shoe that appeared this time and Eclair shoe that appeared several times in the past for a limited time are provided only by "beard papa 20th" at whiteness Umeda underground shopping mall at the time of article creation.

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