Pear cucumber cloth wrapped in ultra-thin croissant cloth baked up in a cream puff "Beard Papa Grande" Tasting review

Puff cream specialty shop "Beard Papa"To provide a new" special cream puff "Beard papa grande beard papa Grande"Hankyu Department Store opened it. It was a very thin croissant cloth made from layers of thinly stretched fabrics wrapped in a shoe fabric and baked so you can eat puff cream, so I bought it at a store and tried it at once.

Beer papa grande specialty shop beard papa Grande

Beard Papa Grande is located on the basement floor of the Hankyu department store.

When arriving at the shop, it was a daytime on weekdays but there were about seven rows.

The number of purchases is limited, and it is said that there are only 12 people per person.

The usual Beard Papa store is a style that packs cream into shoes after ordering but Beard Papa Grande already has cream-filled cream puffs lining up in the showcase.

So, I actually bought a cream puff.

You can purchase "Crispy Shoe Custard" on the left and "Crispy Shoe Almond Chocolat" on the right.

Compared to the iPhone SE with a height of 123.8 mm, it looks like this. Slightly crispy custard is smaller than almond chocolat.

The height is as follows.

Crispy custard is more sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Looking at the reverse side, it looks just like "Danish".

Before eating crispy shoes custard,Beard Papa's classic "Pie cream"I will compare it. Diameter is slightly larger for pie shoulder.

Even when seen from the side, the pie cream is getting a little exciting.

However, when you cut it, you can see that Crispy Shoe Custard is completely packed with cream in thin fabric. There was a lot of bubbles in the pie cream puff, and there was a gap between it and the cream.

When I tried crispy custard, the surface was crispy lightly and fragrant, but the inside was dusty and moist and exquisite texture. The custard is also sweet and rich, with a rich overall finish.

If you look closely at the fabric, the surface is a folded croissant fabric, but you can see that the shoe fabric containing air bubbles is switched on the way. For that reason it seems that a distinctive fabric which feels the dustiness of the shoe is being built, although there is a slightly crispy texture on the surface.

Although it is made to be sweet, there is also bittersweet in the part on the back which is being caramelized. There is also a crispy texture in the part being caramelized and good.

On the other hand, the usual Beard papa is "cheap and gentle sweetness" with a crisp crunchy chewy shoe and a gentle sweetness of custard cream. Although the cream smoothness etc. are common, the two cream puffs were made as contrasting as "sweet, thick, heavy" "gentle and light".

Next, I will eat "Crispy Shoe Almond Chocolat".

Cocoa powder and almond are sprinkled on the surface.

When I tried to cut it, cream has a slightly different atmosphere from custard.

The fabric is the same as Crispy Shoe Custard, it is crispy but moist and dusty. What is inside is a cream kneaded with Belgian couverture and almond praline, and chocolate is quite thick. It is even sweeter than Crispy Shoe Custard, so it looks good when you want to eat sweet snacks and heavy sweets.

Both Crispy Shoe Custard, Crispy Shoe Almond Chocolat and Price are 270 yen including tax.

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