Qualcomm also urges China to stop selling iPhone XS series of latest terminals and XR

Qualcomm that succeeded in stopping the sale of models from iPhone 6s series to iPhone X in China also revealed that it is also seeking to suspend sales of the 2018 model iPhone XS series and iPhone XR.

Qualcomm seeks China sales ban on iPhone XS and XR | Financial Times

Qualcomm asks China to ban the iPhone XS and XR - The Verge

According to the content reported by the Financial Times, Qualcomm is complaining about content that will stop the sale of iPhone in China in its entirety. According to the judgment that the Intermediate Court (court) dealing with intellectual property in Fuzhou city on November 30, 2018 of China time, Apple decided to "iPhone 6s", "iPhone 6s Plus", "iPhone 7" " iPhone 7 Plus "," iPhone 8 "," iPhone 8 Plus "and" iPhone X "can not be sold.

Selling injunction ordered to iPhone in China, Qualcomm complaints patent infringement to Apple - GIGAZINE

Of the above seven models, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPhone X have already been sold in China, so virtually suspended sales are iPhone 7/7 Plus and It is only iPhone 8/8 Plus. Apple continues to sell on the grounds that the iPhone XS series and iPhone XR are equipped with iOS 12 which does not include Qualcomm 's patented technology, but Qualcomm seems to argue that this is unjust . Since the version of iOS is not listed in the judgment made by the intermediate court in practice, there is still room for discussion as to whether or not the object of injunction is affected by the version of OS.

In the analysis of the Financial Times, Qualcomm is believed to have the intention to pursue negotiations with Apple using this matter as a material. Qualcomm and Apple are fighting intense lawsuits for several years, but the situation is said to be in a state of "Qualcomm struggle". It seems that it will be a bargain that is based on whether or not to sell it in China, the world's leading smartphone market, for a while for the time being

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