Ballistic flight space plane for space travelers finally succeeded in reaching the universe, preceded by SpaceX etc.

SpaceShipTwo , a ballistic flight space plane for space travelers developed by Virgin Galactic (Virgin Galactic) , a space traveling business company established by Virgin Group Chairman Richard Branson, finally succeeded in reaching the outer space it was done.

Branson's Virgin Galactic reaches edge of space - BBC News

The US Air Force defines the space from 80 km altitude to the outer space, but it was announced that SpaceShip Two for space travelers developed by Virgin Galactic has reached an altitude of 82.7 km. SpaceShipTwo performed the flight test for the fourth time this time, so far it has not been able to reach outer space and the space travel plan of Virgin Galactic was more dull than the beginning at the beginning.

SpaceShipTwo, which took off from the Mojave Desert in California, USA on Thursday, December 13, 2018, is the development of the space plane by Virgin Galactic who faced various difficulties, such as plain crash that occurred in 2014. 80 km We have succeeded in reaching an altitude exceeding.

When SpaceShipTwo exceeds 80 km altitude, Virgin Galactic tweets "SpaceShipTwo, Welcome to Universe". At the same time, I show the state of the flight of SpaceShipTwo in video. As with NASA's research experiments, SpaceShipTwo is on a flight test with two pilots and a mannequin called Annie.

Looking at Earth from SpaceShipTwo in ballistic flight is like this. I feel the earth is very near.

SpaceShipTwo is ......

Purge the aircraft parts

After a while the booster started.

The maximum speed recorded 2.9 times the speed of sound.

From another angle.

SpaceShipTwo which reached the universe like this and returned to the ground.

However, the International Federation of Air Defines that space beyond the 100-km altitude Carman Line is in outer space, SpaceShipTwo could not reach the altitude beyond this Carman line.

Still Richard Branson, president of Virgin Galactic, celebrates SpaceShipTwo's arrival of space on his Twitter account.

Thanks to the flight test of SpaceShipTwo this time, Virgin Galactic succeeded to precede SpaceX for Space travelers to space developers such as Earon Mask 's SpaceX and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin. Although Virgin Galactic was launched later than SpaceX and Blue Origin in 2004, it shows that it has advanced a step ahead in the space travel field for the private sector.

It was 2008 that Virgin Galactic announced that it will provide space travel services on ballistic flight for the private sector. At that time we announced that we will start the service "within 18 months". About ten years have passed since then, the success of SpaceShipTwo's flight test is a news that makes us feel that space travel on ballistic flight will soon be realized.

In addition, Virgin Galactic has set the price of space travel by 90 minutes ballistic flight to 250 thousand dollars (about 28 million yen), and over 600 people have already reserved this flight.

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