Google's SVP updates the world record of free fall from stratosphere by breaking sound speed

Be an Austrian adventurerFelix · BaumgartnerThe highest altitude record of free fall by the popular sphere which Mr. held was updated. The reason for updating the highest altitude record of Freefall is that adventurersExtreme sportsIt was not an athlete but a senior vice president of Google that was a surprising person.

Alan Eustace and the Paragon StratEx Team Make Stratospheric Exploration History

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This is Google's senior vice president who set up FreeFall's advanced world recordAlain EustaceHe is.

Mr. Eustace declined with financial reasons that it is "not for marketing purposes" and "because it would be troublesome if it fails", he met with 11 years agoParagon Space Development CorporationWith the cooperation of, I was promoting Freeport's advanced world record update project. Mr. Eustace wears in the image is a special space suit developed by Paragon that enables manned exploration in the stratosphere.

This free fall is to raise Eustas with a helium balloon, to jump up to 13,5890 feet (about 41 km) above the ground and jump off.

Here is a helium balloon that lifts Eustas.

When the balloon started to rise, Eustace 's body hanging from the tip floated up.

As it is, Eustace is Ganggun rise with a balloon.

Even at altitudes up to 40 kilometers above the ground, level is too much for fear if ordinary people.

The balloon continued to rise, and it got up to the altitude that can not be followed by the camera.

After rising to an altitude of 41 km located in the upper stratosphere over 2 hours, Eustace was separated from the balloon and started a free fall.

The background of Mr. Eustace falling at free fall falls round, so you can see that Mr. Eustace's body is rotating at a tremendous speed.

At free fall, it reaches the maximum speed of 1300 km and breaks the speed of sound.

A parachute opens where I approached the ground.

After that, descending descending ... ...

I succeeded in splendid landing.

Eustas who had a strong interest in the universe since early childhood has been piloting Cessna aircraft and enjoying a parachute descent even after joining Google, he said he loves thrilling sports. I took it after the free fallinterview"The scenery from the sky was very beautiful and the scenery where the dark outer space and the atmosphere overlap like a layer has never been seen before," he told his impression .

In response to Mr. Eustace updating Freeport's altitude world record, it is Google's CEOLarry PageHe posted a celebration message on Google+.

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