Huawei Vice Chairman arrested in Canada proved to be faced with imprisonment for more than 30 years

Huawei's Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chairman Mr. Meng Yongbo, arrested in Canada and requested by the American authorities for deliveries, is suspected of having committed more than one fraudulent punishment for up to 30 years' imprisonment It was revealed that it was multiplied.

Huawei arrest: Bail hearing set for Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver - The Washington Post 8972120646e0_story.html

The following article can confirm that Mr. Mr. Megu, the senior executive who is an engineer from the People's Liberation Army from China and Huawei founder, who is a daughter of non- CEO Nobuaki Nishimoto , was arrested.

Huawei founder's daughter arrested in Canada and the US government requested delivery for violation of sanctions against Iran - GIGAZINE

Initially at the time Mr. Mr. was arrested, both authorities in Canada and the U.S. did not disclose the allegations of crime, "Mr. Meng is under unreasonable detention not based on law, ie should release it" There was a strong criticism from the Chinese government.

Chinese government demands "immediate release" = Mengfengfu CFO of Huawei Technology Canada ... ... Record China

In December 7, 2018, the court of Vancouver inquired about whether bail on Mr. Ben was suspected to be bailed, among which Canadian prosecutor John Gibb Kasley said "Mr. Mr. Huawei and his subsidiary "There is a suspicion that he has committed a fraud that has made a false explanation to an American financial institution that there is no capital relationship between SkyCom," he said. It was revealed that he was suspected of fraud. SkyCom has been certified as dealing with US anti-sanctions against Iran, Huawei has committed commercial transactions through Iranian and American financial institutions and committed sanctions violations, the US side insisted through Canadian authorities That is why.

Mr. Dave Lee who attended a public hearing asking whether bail or not, said on Twitter that it was reported in a flash report that there are suspicions of multiple fraud charges for which statutory imprisonment for up to 30 years was stipulated I will.

Mr. Megu's defense counsel said that he was bailing for bailing, saying, "By fleeing before prosecution, my father and herself are not afraid to humiliate China." According to Dr. Bossa's tweet, the bail is about 1 million dollars (about 110 million yen), "The bail amount is 136 dollars for middle class people (about 15,000 yen She said, "Her father's asset is about 3.2 billion dollars (about 360 billion yen)," Mr. Meng ruled that the bail is totally free of money. Of course, the prosecution said that Mr. Meng opposed bail that there was a fear of escape.

The United States has passed the US Defense Powers Act of 2019, not only banned the use of Huawei products by US government agencies, but also urged allies to adopt equivalent measures, and the Japanese government also eliminates Huawei products It is reported that it is a policy.

Huawei and ZTE products, exclusion from government procurement: Politics: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Mr. Mr. suspect is the chief executive of Huawei, the biggest IT communications company in China and the core company of China manufacturing 2025 , the daughter of the founder, who is regarded as the successor of Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Ms. No one thinks of arresting Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. suspected this time is the arrest of the top executive of a single company. While trade war by the United States and China is overheating, from Donald Trump President Xi Jinping arrests of Mr. Meng the summit has been ventured on the day was done in Argentina with Jintao, thoroughly China's technical rise I feel the strong will of America to block it. The possibility that fierce battle will be spread in the United States and China over the treatment of Mr. suspect is likely high.

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