China's leading smartphone maker ZTE is in default crisis due to the US government's export ban

byMichael Vadon

The US government is the leading smartphone manufacturer in ChinaZTEMeasures to prohibit American companies from exporting parts to ZTE, saying "We have made products made using American-made technology to be exported to countries that are taking export restrictions such as North Korea and Iran" Was taken. As a result, in 2017 we will be ranked 4th in the US smartphone marketWas proudZTE is driven to a crisis on the verge of bankruptcy.

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China's ZTE facing loan default threat

In 2016,United States Department of CommerceAnnounced that it will take export control measures against ZTE and its subsidiaries as "I deliberately shipped the embargoed products to the Iranian government telecommunications company and North Korea, and systematically hid the facts." In 2017 the following year, the US Department of Commerce obliged ZTE to pay penalties and submit an annual report and agreed not to implement export control measures.

However, in 2018 American trump regime condemned "ZTE continues to report false reports to the United States," ZTE said that there is no attitude to improve violation constitution in ZTE. As a result, on April 16, 2018, it seems that we decided to prohibit American companies from trading with ZTE for seven years.

In fact, 25% of the parts that make up the ZTE smartphone are parts made in the USA, and this export ban measure becomes a very serious blow for ZTE. There is also a view that not only hardware but also Google's standard Android application are included in the export prohibition measures and ZTE is no longer in a state to sell smartphones.

byJon Fingas

According to the effect of the US ZTE sanction announced on April 17, 2018, the stock exchange of ZTE in Hong Kong or Shenzhen stock exchanges is stopped, and if this condition goes on, the ZTE is assumed to be in default It is done. Moreover, when the Chinese government announces support to ZTE which is the second largest smartphone maker in China, it is expected that it will be criticized by the United States as "the nation itself is closely adhering to the top industry in the industry" The remedy measures are also difficult.

In order for ZTE to continue selling smartphones, it is necessary to redesign products that do not use American parts and software from scratch. This case resulted in China showing that information technology could be a major blow to China, and the Chinese government asked Chinese companies to raise the "autonomy of information technology".

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