Samsung joins Huawei sanctions, suspends chip supply

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South Korea's hardware giant Samsung and semiconductor giant SK Hynix suspend chip supply to Huawei from September 15, 2020 due to strengthened export control to Huawei announced by the US Trump administration on August 17, 2020 Then I announced.

Samsung, SK Hynix to suspend trade with

Samsung reportedly cutting off chip sales to Huawei-The Verge

Samsung and SK Hynix Suspending Chip Shipments to Huawei

The United States has long argued that Huawei and other Chinese products are spying on American networks through backdoors, which poses a security risk. In February 2018, the secretary of intelligence agencies such as FBI, CIA and NSA called for not to use Huawei smartphones , but in May 2019 the Trump administration said ``There is a risk in information and communication. He signed a presidential decree 'Prohibiting the trading of foreign products' and started a substantial Huawei exclusion.

President Trump signs a presidential decree prohibiting transactions of ``information and communication risk products'', is it a move toward Huawei exclusion?- GIGAZINE

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Due to this presidential decree, Google stopped Huawei's Android support, and Huawei smartphones can no longer use Google services such as Google Play.

Google will stop Huawei's Android support, it seems that future Huawei smartphones will not be able to use Google services such as Google Play at all-GIGAZINE

The Trump administration announced in May 2020 that it would strengthen export control for Huawei and 114 affiliated companies. In principle, the export/re-export of American products to these companies has become impossible. On August 17, 2020, Huawei was further restricted in access to American technology, which imposes further restrictions on production using American technology software.

U.S. export control to Huawei and affiliates further strengthened, 38 affiliates added to list-GIGAZINE

For a series of sanctions, Huawei is forced to stop forced state the production of the latest high-end chip corresponding to the 5G 'Kirin chip' had been forced . Against this backdrop, Huawei is expected to become even more distressed by new Korean sanctioners, Samsung and SK Hynix, joining the sanctions.

On the other hand, China is a “customer” for SK Hynix, with approximately 40% of total sales of 13.3 billion dollars (about 1.4 trillion yen) in the first half of 2020, which is about 5.5 billion dollars (about 580 billion yen). ) Was from China. Huawei is the top share-maker in China, so SK Hynix will be hit hard by participating in sanctions.

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