A movie that makes up a sphere with stunning geometric patterns by combining wooden plywood

A movie " Guy makes a big ball out of plywood " has been released that cleverly combines boards of flat flat wood into a sphere and contains a procedure to embellish a superb pattern on the surface.

Guy makes a big ball out of plywood - YouTube

A large sphere with a geometric pattern on the surface floating on anything. I can not believe it, but this object is made of wooden boards used for building.

It is a plywood made from thick thin plates by laminating thin wood like this. Nonetheless, this plywood should not be rounded by heat or pressure.

First of all, using an electric sawtooth to machine like this elongated board.

Next, we use the processing machine combining these two round saws.

The two circular saws are adjusted to exquisite angles and you can cut the material into precise dimensions and angles.

It is a part of such a triangle that was cut out ... ....

As you can see from the side, you can see that the bottom side is a slightly narrowed shape. This angle is the maximum point.

We join prepared triangle parts with cellophane tape ......

I will make this state.

When you lift by hand, the side with the angle attached just gently pits up to make a concave object like a plate.

Fill the woodworking bond here ...

Glue in the condition of dish

Prepare a large number of dishes ......

We will combine each part.

Thus basic parts are completed. We will further combine these to create one big sphere.

When assembling using woodworking bonds, clamps for fixing, straps etc ......

The sphere is completed. But still the surface remains chapped.

For finishing, the sphere is set on the lathe.

If you scrape the surface while turning the sphere with a lathe ... ...

The whole part gradually becomes round and the pattern begins to float from the cut surface.

When approaching completion, a regular geometric pattern emerged throughout.

When the surface is further polished ...

The surface became a large sphere with a smooth surface.

Regular patterns are floating, but if you look closely you can see that many triangles are gathered. The number of triangle parts used to make one sphere is 180 pieces.

Finally finishing by spraying lacquer ......

It is completion of the plywood made of plywood which can be said as a work of art.

Keith Williams of the workshop "Oddball Gallery" based in Illinois state, USA, made this work. A number of spheres created in this manner are introduced on the official website, and if it is small, it can be obtained from the 300 dollar range (about 35,000 yen). A 19-inch (about 48 cm) model like this movie is priced at $ 1,850 (about 210,000 yen).

Product Gallery | Oddball Gallery

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