When turning the handle the pachinko ball circulates like a Pythagora switch and drums, iron-bells and bass are played "Marble Machine"

Pincho balls are circulated like a Pythagora switch by combining wooden handwheel handles, gears, rails, etc. with drums, vibratophones and bases, turning the handwheel handle, and when the pachinko balls collected on top are dropped, each instrument is ringed A phenomenal DIY music machine like a huge music box playing melody "Marble Machine"is.

Wintergatan's 'Marble Machine' makes music with 2,000 marbles (Wired UK)

You can see the movies playing on Marble Machine from the following.

Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles) - YouTube

Martin Morin, a musician and producer of Marble Machine, appeared. The quadruped machine is Marble Machine, a DIY machine made from wood using wood.

Turn handwheel handle on the right side of Marble Machine ......

Various gears started rolling.

Then internally the pachinko ball started circulating upward.

Pachinko balls are scooped up by parts of wood and are carried on a belt conveyor.

Looking at it from the top like this, you can see that the pachinko balls being carried are sorted into different places in the tube.

When Morin pulled a lever here ......

The pachinko balls that had accumulated began to fall, melody started to hit the voice board of the vibraphone.

By turning the handwheel handle, pachinko balls are designed to fall at a fixed speed and pitch, which is a big handling music box.

It is different from the music box where you can play multiple instruments at once. Marble Machine can play by switching hi-hat · vibraphone · kick (bass drum) · snare drum · bass with a lever.

For example, if you raise the lever labeled "SNARE" ... ...

Pachinko ball dropped on the electric pad of the snare drum and began to chop rhythm like "Dan Dan · Dada Dan". After ringing the sound, the pachinko ball enters into a cover like a trumpet and circulates upward as long as you turn the handwheel handle.

Vibraphone also has a cover to collect pachinko balls as well. Also, the gear rotating in front of you seems to be activating the vibrato function of Vibraphone.

Morin raises all the levers ... ...

All the instruments began playing music.

Although not only percussion instruments but also basses of string instruments are installed, it seems that pachinko ball falls directly to the string and sounds like this with such feeling.

Also, since the base is attached to the main body, it is also possible to change the tone by pressing strings by hand.

Here is Morin who draws a lever written as "BREAK DOWN (function stop)" not the instrument name. Then the handwheel stopped suddenly and the music stopped.

Since the pachinko balls are stored in the upper part, Morin started to play the melody by manually moving the part that causes the pachinko ball to fall. It seems that it is possible to manipulate the vibrato by turning the Vibraphone gear by hand.

If you rotate the handwheel handle again, the same melody as before stop will be resumed.

A mini mixer is installed behind, and the volume of all instruments is adjusted.

On the rail through which the pachinko ball goes through the musical instrument, the wire written "Wintergatan's Marble Machine" is moving with rattling, and the taste is fancy to the point where it can not be seen.

And Morin who was turning the handwheel handle got out of the machine ......

As the rotation of the handwheel gradually faded, the rhythm slowed down for a while and a sentimental melody was flowing.

In addition, you can see the production scenery of each part of Marble Machine and how each instrument is playing a tone from the following playlist one by one.

Flywheel - Prologue # 7 Musical Marble Machine - YouTube

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