I tried to make beef bowl with 'CUPCOOK beef bowl' which can make a serious beef bowl just by preparing and baking meat

'A cup is completed with a hearty item! Perfect for you busy every day' is the tagline of the Mitsukan ' CUPCOOK (cup cook) ' lineup has been added beef bowl since August 17, 2018. I tried actually because it can make a full-fledged beef bowl full of heartiness just by adding the seasoned ingredients in the cup to the meat baked in a frying pan and frying.

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This is 'CUPCOOK beef bowl'. The red paper package says '5 minutes with meat alone', which indicates that cooking is easy.

Ingredients included red wine, besides soy sauce, onions and other connotations of beef bowl.

In addition, I felt that the shelf life was quite long as July 17, 2019 even though it was neither retort pouch nor canned, so I checked it by calling the customer consultation center of Mizkan and confirmed it, but it was one year from the date of manufacture That is the expiration date. As we can buy in bulk and stock, it seems to be useful at the time of saying, 'we can not prepare suddenly suddenly and food is ready!'.

CUPCOOK To prepare beef bowl, you need 'thin beef / about 250g'. The point is that beef and CUPCOOK can make 2-3 servings of beef bowl.

First, pull the knob on the bottom of the paper package ...

Take out the cup.

On the back of the paper package, two types of recipes were introduced as arrange menus other than beef bowl. In addition to beef, eggs, all-purpose green onions, and “cow ball on rice” using oyster paste ...

There are 'meat tofu' using beef, cotton tofu, and long green onion.

I will make it soon. First oil the frying pan ...

Put the beef in a frying pan.

Stir fry over medium heat.

When the beef is browned, turn off the fire and add CUPCOOK beef bowl.

Retort pouch and other items may remain in the corner of the bag, or an empty pouch after use may contaminate the kitchen, but CUPCOOK is cup-shaped, so it is easy to put out the ingredients, and stand it on the table when finished using it. As it is OK, there is no need to pollute the kitchen.

I cook it again for 1 to 2 minutes over medium heat and finish it.

If you put it on the rice, it is a beef bowl no matter where you look. It is OK even if topped with ginger by preference.

The first thing I felt when I ate it was that the onion was surprisingly crisp. The crisp crunchy onion with a sense of presence rather than crispy can be enjoyed alternately with the texture of a soft, greasy beef, so you can't imagine that the material you prepared was only beef. As for the taste, the soy sauce-based sweet and spicy soy sauce is combined with the richness of beef and red wine, and the affinity with rice is excellent. The moment I opened the cup, the vinegar smell was so strong that I thought it was pickled, but when I fry it, most of the sourness will fly, leaving a slight sourness to bring out the sweetness of the onion. Since the concentration of the taste of the soup can be increased or decreased by adjusting the time for cooking, it is good to adjust the cooking time while tasting the soup after the beef is cooked.

'Mitsukan CUPCOOK Gyudon' is available at retail stores nationwide for 324 yen including tax, and Amazon.co.jp is also available for purchase for 266 yen including tax.

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