I tried to take out 'Cheese-exhausted garlic tomato beef pot set meal' in which thick mozzarella cheese and sour tomato soup are entwined with soft beef

Sukiya, a beef bowl chain, has been offering a ' cheese-exhausted garlic tomato beef pot set meal ' with mozzarella cheese topped in a beef pot stewed in tomato soup from Wednesday, February 3, 2020. The cheese-filled garlic tomato beef hot pot set meal is also served at takeout, and I heard that you can enjoy the hot pot at home, so I actually took it home and tried it.

Garlic tomato beef pot set meal with cheese (takeaway) | Sukiya


I came to Sukiya

In front of the store, I found a banner that says 'You can take the pot home with you.'

That's why I bought a cheese-filled garlic tomato beef sukiyaki set meal with double the meat (1090 yen including tax). An aluminum pot filled with ingredients, rice, basil cheese sauce, and an empty container for a plate are included in the set.

A bag of 'tomato sauce' was attached to the lid of the aluminum pot.

When you remove the lid, it looks like this. In addition, the pot is compatible with both gas stoves and IH stoves.

A comparison of the diameter of the pot side by side with a transportation IC card with a long side of about 8.5 cm.

In addition to beef, udon and green onions, Chinese cabbage, carrots, green onions, and onions are included, and cheese and fried garlic are topped from above.

Pour the tomato sauce into the pot ...

Heat on medium heat for 2 minutes on a gas stove.

A hot pot that is simmered steadily. There is a tomato scent around.

While simmering, I put basil cheese sauce in a plate.

A pot cooked for 2 minutes looks like this.

First of all, I will eat it as it is. The soft beef umami and the sweetness of the fat match the richness of the topping cheese and the sourness of the tomatoes. In addition, the aroma of garlic and oregano comes with a strong scent, so the taste is different from ordinary beef bowl. It has a strong umami and saltiness, so it goes well with rice, and you can fully enjoy the umami without dipping it in the included basil cheese sauce.

Onions and Chinese cabbage have a strong sweetness and have a strong presence even in tomato sauce. It goes well with tomatoes and has a crispy, crunchy accent.

Next time, I will eat beef with basil cheese sauce. The basil cheese sauce is quite sour, and the impression is that the flavor of beef and the umami of tomatoes are swallowed by the flavor of basil cheese sauce. The basil cheese sauce is light and not persistent, but it has a strong habit, so it's a taste that people choose.

The 'Cheese-filled garlic tomato beef hot pot set meal' comes with rice, but the hot pot also contains udon, so you'll be satisfied with it alone.

'Cheese-exhausted garlic tomato beef pot set meal' will be offered at Sukiya stores nationwide from February 3, 2020 (Wednesday). The price is 890 yen including tax for regular serving and 1090 yen including tax for doubling the meat.

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