I tried cooking with plenty of shakijaki onion "CUPCOOK beef burglar fried sauce" which is perfect for sushi just by mixing bulgogi perfect for rice with beef

Mizukan "It is sweet to stir the seasoning that entered the cup and the sliced ​​meat of the cow and it is perfect for rice" Okazuri beef burglar fried "in a short time,"CUPCOOK (Cup Cook) Beef burglar fried sauce"Appeared on January 25, 2018 (Thursday), so it seemed to fit the mood for wanting to eat delicious food and guts even without time, so I actually cooked it.

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I bought a combination seasoning with Mitsukan's ingredients "CUPCOOK (Cup Cook) Beef Bulgogi Sautéed Sauce" (2 to 3 servings: 324 yen including tax).

If the developerI stuck with the ease of holdingThe size of the cup is palm-sized. From the side, you can see the liquid seasoning and engraved onion from a transparent cup. On the website, the CUPCOOK series, which is a seasoning with ingredients entered into a cup, is different from ingredients containing retort type ingredients, it is possible to put plenty of "ingredients in the same form", and "Okazu with eating response" If you can cook easilyDescriptionIt has been.

The way to make it is to simply add sauce in the cup to stir-fried beef and further stir-fry it. You do not need cooking utensils such as kitchen knives, just OK in the frying pan.

Raw material is fructose corn sugar liquid sugar and sugar, sweet things, soy sauce, pepper sauce and pepper sauce imagine spicy spicy. In addition, "vinegar (brewed vinegar)" which associates with garlic and Mitsukan is included. By using dried onions for the material's onion, you can use "onion" texture of onion while combining seasoningRealizedAnd that. A cup can make 2 or 3 people bulgogi, 84 g of energy per person is 121 kcal.

I prepared the minimum ingredients necessary for cooking. However, the only thing you need is 250 g of sliced ​​beef.

First of all, it opens from the part called "Open from here" at the bottom of the package.

Open the package ......

Take out the cup.

When you turn the lid off, you will feel the presence of pepper paste in the fragrance of vinegar and sauce based sauce.

Cooking start. Pour a suitable amount of oil in a frying pan.

Next, it will not stick out the fire of the stove from the bottom of the frying panHigh fireI will.

Insert beef.

I thought that one side of beef was burning through fire ......

Turn over and put grill on both sides.

When grilling sticks, we turn the stove's fire low.

Next, "CUPCOOK Braised beef fry sauce sauce" was introduced.

After entering the sauce, I will make medium heat so that the tip of the fire will hit the pot bottom.

1 ~ 2 minutes While cooking beef and seasoning, skip the moisture and finish cooking.

You can understand the appearance of stirring the seasoning and beef and stirring the beef as you play the following movie in one shot.

Stir-fry beef - stir - fried movie cooking "CUPCOOK beef burgundy sauce" - YouTube

It is also a feature of the CUPCOOK series that the cup that puts in sauce does not pollute the kitchen on the spot.

Once completed we will cook dishes to the dish.

"Stir-fried beef bowl" is completed.

I have plenty of american onions. The scent of sweet sauce contains a little sour scent.

When I try to eat it, it has a sweet taste of a little dark eyes. The acidity is weaker than expected with scents, rather it is about increasing appetite. Pepper like gochujang is modest, so if you are thinking bulgogi in your head a little shoulder watermark, but if you are poor at eating spicy food seems okay. Despite being entwined with sauce and stir-frying for only about 2 minutes, the beef tastes steadily.

According to the website, "Sautéed beef burgundy sauce" is "It is sweet and finished, so it goes well with rice" ...

We prepared rice.

Stir-fried beef burglar with sweet beef and shakiyaki onion onion was, of course, outstandingly compatible with rice.

Next is a dish on which the stir-fried beef bowl is placed on the moisai "Stir-fried beef with burgundy with plenty of onionI will try cooking.

Stir-fried beef stir-fried burgundy | Menu · Recipes | Mitsukan group products · Menu site

The ingredients necessary for the recipe on Mitsukan's website are the same material as "stir-fried beef bowl" prepared in the past and added "Moyashi 1 bag". Since the quantity and kind of the moose cake was not stated accurately, we prepared 200 g of green bean sprouts this time.

First put a bag of moist pear on a heat resistant dish and cover it with lap.

Next, heat it in a 600 watt microwave for 3 to 5 minutes. I try to heat it at 600 watts for 3 minutes this time.

Spread the heated sprouts in the plate. If you put on stir-fried beef bowl, then cooking is completed.

Next, I will make "Stir-fried beef burgundy".

When cooking with sake and beef bowl is finished, I put it on the warmed moyashi in the microwave.

"Stir-fried beef with briquette of onion" is completed

Just add some time to the cooking method described in the cup "Put a moist warmed with a microwave".

When I tried it, I just warmed up in a microwave oven, but the moyashi was shakijaki, and I added another shakijaki feeling to onion beef stir-fried with onions. The taste is the same as before, the variation of texture spreads, the volume is increased. Before cooking, adding moisture with a lot of moisture was a little worried about thinning the taste, but sweet sauce was seasoned with thick eyes, so it was enough as okazu.

And prepare "rice" again.

Stir - fried beef sweet potato with sweet spicy sauce and fresh mouthwash with mouthfeel and mouthfeel combined, the rice advanced.

"CUPCOOK beef burglar fried sauce" can be purchased at retail stores nationwide including supermarkets with tax 324 yen. At Amazon, at the time of article creation, it is possible to place 4 pieces in separate shipping fee and 1296 yen including tax.

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