Bitcoin price collapsed by 40% in just two weeks

by Steven Millstein

The virtual currency " Bitcoin (bit coin) " has plummeted its price. According to the report, the decline in price that disappears all profits born at the time of buying bit coins in 2018 has occurred, and the price per 1 bit coin has fallen to about 3,900 dollars (about 440,000 yen).

Bitcoin has lost 40 percent of its value in the last two weeks - The Verge

Down 36%: Bitcoin Price Faces Worst Weekly Loss Since April 2013 - CoinDesk

The decline of the bit coin does not stop. At the time of writing the article bit coin price has dropped by about 40% from two weeks ago. As a result, the worst price collapse has occurred since April 2013, and doubts are raised in the soundness of bit coins in the investor group.

The following picture is a bit coin chart which can understand the crash condition well. The left is the one at the time of the article creation in 2018, the right is the one in 2013. It is a bit coin who had experienced a decline of nearly 30% in January 2018, but in November 2018 it recorded a 36% collapse and this falling width will be the largest since April 2013 about.

In December 2017 the price per 1 bit coin was as much as $ 15,000 (about 1.7 million yen) and called for a big topic. From so much soaring, researchers pointed out that the soaring bit coin may have been price manipulation by several people.

Researchers pointed out that the soaring price of bit coins may have been price manipulation by several people - GIGAZINE

But then the price plummeted and continued to decline. The verge of overseas media points out that "It will be the influence of a fork like a bit coin cache born as a result of a bit coin split ."

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