Bitcoin updated its historical highs, turning out the way the market holds by China

In April 2013, it brought the highest ever value of 1 BTC 266 dollars "Bitcoin (bit coin)'S price record was finally updated. Currently, the bit coin market is rising again, but there seems to be a bit coin break in China behind this trend.

Bitcoin price reaches a record high for the first time since April

Bitcoin Breaks 1000 CNY, Rally Continues - Bitcoin Magazine

On November 5, 2013, the transaction price of bit coin recorded the highest annual value of 267.40 dollars (about 26,300 yen). This is to update the historical highs of $ 266 (about 26,200 yen) attached in April 2013.

After putting the highest value of 1 BTC / 266 dollars in April 2013, the bit coin price fell sharply, and in October the illegal drug trafficking site which used bit coin as the main transaction currency "Silk roadIt was predicted that the bit coin price will fall further, partly because it was caught and closed down. However, contrary to this prediction, the bit coin price will continue to rise steadily even after the Silk Road closure, finally to update the highest value.

Graph showing transition of transaction price of bit coin.

It is believed that a series of bit coin prices are rising as a result of bit coins breaking in China. Now, China's largest bit coin exchange "BTCChina"Is the world's largest bit coin exchange with a server in Japan as a trading volume"Mt. Gox"We are showing momentum to approach. In addition, it is pointed out that the impact of China on the bit coin market is very large, as there are numerous bit coin exchanges in China.

Traditionally, the psychological boundary line such as the upper value resistance line and the lower price support line of the bit coin has been based on the US dollar. For example, in the graph below, a battle over $ 100 (about 9800 yen) is taking place in April and May 2013. However, it is speculated that the battle over around $ 165 since August 2013 was based on the RMB 1000 yuan (approximately 16,000 yen).

Will the market continue to rise or will it suddenly crash as the popularity of bit coins already in the Chinese community whispered as exceeding trading volume in the US and Europe already? I am paying attention to its location. The current bit coin price isHereIt is possible to check with.

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