Osaka limited Starba new product 'Osaka Matcha Matcha Frappuccino' 'Osaka Matcha Matcha Latte' is a Matcha matcha ant

As part of "OSAKA 20th Thanks week" commemorating the 20th anniversary of Starbucks' Osaka opening in 10 days from November 12 (Mon) to 201 (Wed), 2018, " Osaka Matcha Matcha Frappuccino " " Osaka Matcha Latte "has begun to be offered. When I drink it has actually experienced what it is with a drink that feels "Omoroi" that makes my heart exciting.

"STARBUCKS 20th Anniversary in OSAKA" Starbucks Osaka Store Opening 20th Anniversary Project at 105 premises in the prefecture!

Arrived at Starbucks.

There was a board stating "Osaka Limited or In" at the shop front. Because Osaka Matcha Matcha Frappuccino Latte is limited in area, it is said that it is appealing on hand-drawn board for each store.

I ordered 2 items at once. The left is "tall size (590 yen tax excluded)" of Osaka Matcha Matcha Frappuccino, there are other shorts (550 yen without tax) · Grande (630 yen without tax) · Venti (670 yen without tax). On the right, "Osaka Matcha Matcha Latte" has short (440 yen without tax) · Toll (480 yen without tax) · Grande (520 yen without tax) · Venti (560 yen without tax), choose whether it is hot or ice I will. This time I made the tall size hot.

" Osaka Matcha Matcha Frappuccino " has chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and powdered green tea powder. We are using 1.5 times the powdered green tea powder than the drink using the powdered green tea powder normally provided in Starbucks.

Matcha to the bottom is "Meccha" Gissiri.

After drinking, the taste of Matcha stands out with fresh cream. The impression of fresh cream and matcha is half a piece, I do not feel like bitterness peculiar to Matcha. It is becoming Frappuccino which taste easy to drink like Starba.

The caramel sauce on top and chocolate sauce add an accent to the taste.

On the other hand, " Osaka Matcha Matcha Latte " was the one that gave me the impression of "Matcha Matcha". Matched green tea and chocolate sauce are applied to the surface.

If you drink directly with a mouth, the taste "Matcha this time" spreads in your mouth. The bubbles which made Matcha on the surface have become Matcha with astringency, and the taste that I want the taste to match for Matcha lover. Taste of gentle milk and Matcha were mixed when drinking forward. Matcha feeling is intensified compared with Frappuccino.

"Osaka Matcha Matcha Frappuccino" "Osaka Matcha Matcha Latte" is a limited time sale for 10 days from November 12 (Mon) to 21 (Wed) in 2018 at 105 Starbucks stores in Osaka Prefecture.

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