Tetris, the world's largest game, proved to be effective in relieving anxiety and stress

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Tetris that piles up and erases colorful blocks that fall down from above is a game that can be said to be a "time thief" indeed, but on the other hand, it has the effect of relieving anxiety and stress that people have in their hearts It turned out again.

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Many people who have played Tetris crazy have even thought about Tetris in the real world. Some people may have experiences caught by a sense closer to hallucinations in the wind called "If the other books are put in the gap of that bookshelf, the line next to it disappears ..." Ha !, but this is Tetris It is a condition caused by the effect that the image and sensation in the brain are dominated by tetris by effect .

It has also been confirmed that Tetris, which has been found to act strongly to the human mind so much, has the effect of alleviating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) of a person in a traffic accident.

Obviously "Tetris" is effective to prevent the onset of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - GIGAZINE

As a result, subjects who played Tetris have revealed that the number of times they recall accidents in the week is reduced by 62% on average in comparison with the group not playing. According to Professor Holmes, "The flashback of the group that played Tetris was down to almost zero after two days."

One of the reasons why the Tetris effect is brought about is to enter the " flow " state where the consciousness strongly concentrates on the game by concentrating strongly during play. A flow is the same as a state such as "Sorry Level" or "Runner 's High", and a person who experienced a flow state is "separated from space and time and has a feeling that exists in flowing water (= flow) I've found out that I often talk later about the impression of being caught up in the story.

The research team of Kate Sweeney, a psychologist at the University of California Riverside, and others, studied the effect that this "Tetris effect" has on uneasy feelings of people. In the research, people who felt the strong stress of "waiting for a judicial exam" or "waiting for a position in a research position to apply for a position in a research position" and "being judged by a person in appearance" were placed in a strong stress state People's reactions are being investigated.

UC Riverside Department of Psychology

The thesis consists largely of three parts, and the first two states that examples of "judicial examination" and "research work" are stated. Candidates applying for each exam are placed in a strong stress state for several months until results are obtained. After that, once a good result was brought forth, it seems that many applicants were eliminated from anxiety and that they had strong happy feelings.

In the third part, the reactions of the subjects who collected 290 undergraduates are being investigated. The collected subjects filled out the questionnaire, and then the pictures were taken one by one. Actually, the picture was taken to receive evaluation about physical attractiveness by students in different places. Subjects will be told about it and will feel stressed until results are obtained.

And while waiting for the picture judgment, the subject was instructed to play Tetris for about 10 minutes. At that time, subjects were divided into three groups of "groups whose difficulty changes according to the content of the play", "groups that continue to play at the simplest level" and "groups to play at the highest difficulty from the beginning" I was asked about the feeling.

Sweeney and colleagues set up the hypothesis that "the first group is most strongly" entering the flow "to relieve anxiety of the mind", the result proved to be just as hypothesized. The level of difficulty changes according to your playing content, so you know that the player gets deeper into the game and is placed in a high concentration state.

And as a result, it was also found that the subjects in the group were the least anxious. Swinney says "Tetris is not a cure for all life problems, but there are some useful properties." Sweeney also said, "People who do not know how to get into a flow state to distract you from the stressful waiting period may not be a bad thing to try Tetris for the time being," he says.

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