It is the research result that it is possible to improve things if the lack of sleep is eliminated to 'protract things'.

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When you are not motivated, if you don't move, there should be an experience that has postponed your work. However, if the tendency to postpone is too strong, it is also called ' PCN syndrome ', and it will have a major impact on social life. The cause of such 'procrastination' has been thought to be the character of the person until now, but experiments have revealed that it is highly likely that it is caused by lack of sleep rather than individual qualities.

Frontiers | A Daily Diary Study on Sleep Quality and Progress at Work: The Modulating Role of Trait Self-Control | Psychology

Study finds that low-quality sleep can lead to procrastination, especially among people who have naturally struggled with self-regulation – Solving Procrastination

◆ Experiment
The experiments conducted by Wendelien van Eerde and Merlijn Venus of the University of Amsterdam to pursue the cause of the “procrastination” are averages for a variety of jobs such as financial services, civil servants, construction, medical workers and retailers. Two questionnaire surveys will be conducted on 71 men and women of 35 years of age. The first survey assessed the strength of self-control with five-step responses to four questions, such as 'I am good at resisting temptation' and 'I am struggling to fix a bad habit.' In the second survey, we evaluate the quality of sleep and the degree of procrastination in the work of the day by the questionnaire twice a day, and investigate the relationship between self-control and the quality of sleep and the degree of procrastination. It was In addition, in the evaluation of the 'procrastination degree', answered the question, 'Did you waste time during work?' 'Do you deliberately delay execution after deciding to do something on that day?' The “diary method” is used.

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◆ Experimental results
Van Eerde et al. Analyzed the results of the questionnaire survey and found that 'the quality of sleep has a significant effect on the postponement of the next day' 'When the quality of sleep is poor, people who are weaker than those who are selfish are The conclusion was derived that 'they were more strongly adversely affected' and 'when sleep quality was good, the degree of procrastination was low regardless of the level of self-control.' In addition, since the protracted degree was not constant among subjects and the daily fluctuation was large, it was also found that the tendency to be protracted was influenced more strongly by factors such as sleep quality than individual qualities. You

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The result of this experiment that people with high control are not affected by the quality of sleep, but those with low control are greatly affected by the quality of sleep, the results of this experiment show that 'people with postponement' are with 'protraction It suggests that it is not 'a person with a certain personality' but 'a person who is susceptible to the factors that cause procrastination.' It also turned out that improving the quality of sleep for any person, regardless of the level of self-control, can greatly reduce the possibility of delaying it.

◆ Procrastination measures
We have found that it is necessary to improve the quality of sleep to prevent procrastination, but in order to do so it is necessary to solve awkward problems. That is the phenomenon of 'delaying to go to bed'. “Slending to bedtime” is a phenomenon in which it is likely that the more you get tired, the longer you get to sleep, and because of this phenomenon you become more tired the next day, and as a result, you get to sleep. A vicious circle will occur that will be even slower.

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This problem can be addressed by identifying and eliminating the causes of delayed sleep. For example, if you watch SNS or play a game on your PC or smartphone until late at night, install an extension or application that blocks SNS or game after a preset time has passed, and then set up a late night update You can prevent it.

In the following articles, you can prevent wasting time by prohibiting access to movie sites such as YouTube and Netflix, and SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, or restricting some of the functions such as My List and Comment Box. Covers Chrome extensions.

Chrome extension 'UnDistracted' that limits Twitter and YouTube and prevents wasting time-GIGAZINE

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