What is the approach to target problem solving by understanding "emotions" in the background of "procrastination behind" to postpone what to do

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I will postpone doing what I should do now and what I should do for the futureProcrastination behavior"There is someone who knows more or less, everyone suffers from such a person should be. It is a procrastination action that is often accused of being simply "running away", but there is a possibility that "emotions" with human beings lie behind it, and by improving the behavior by understanding that feeling It is clear that what you can expect.

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Although some motivation does not occur, "procrastination action" which is crazy about YouTube movies or escapes the reality to the game just is not so rare for many people, but such an indecision When behavior is chronic, it may be necessary to deal with from a different perspective from the conventional one. The Research Team at the University of Stockholm, Sweden, in the research content announced in August 2015, chronically procrastination behavior is the work of emotion to cope with stress, and as a result, human relations, work, health aspects It is clarifying that there is a possibility that it may cause a problem in.

◆ Problems and Causes of "Procrastination Behavior"
The research team defines procrastination actions as "to delay their own actions spontaneously despite being able to predict negative future outcomes", and by this action, people are closely watching the shortsighted eyes Instead of getting a satisfying and pleasant atmosphere, we are supposed to bear the "loss" of life as seen from a long-term perspective.


Professor Timothy Pachele of Carlton University in Canada, who has written many books on this field, commented that "the ability to succumb to being comfortable" about the essence of procrastination. Also, it is pointed out that the psychology of the so-called "perfectionist" also leads to postponement behavior. British Ben Rockwood, who is responsible for a business manager at a company, is not necessarily lazy in personality, but because he asks for everything in perfection everything, regardless of work or private I could not wear it, and I often have to postpone various things. Mr. Rockwood says, "I do not think that anything should be done perfectly," the head got "Mahi", and my worrying about going to something disappears. " .

Mr. Rockwood sometimes goes to the gym and performs training even when it is necessary to cause important actions related to her future. This is an action the researcher calls "moral compensation", instead of feeling negative about procrastinating behaviors that should be done, you can do something to feel something better, or create productive activities Going to make up for emotions is going on. Mr. Rockwood is disgusted about himself who takes such actions, and it is better to tell that "I've entered a bank robbery" if it says to someone that "I'm putting something off" "I am talking about that feeling.

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For those who take such "ongoing procrastination" behavior, until now misinterpretations of their causes and meanings of actions have been made. Traditionally it is said to be "to be perfect"I can not get to things from "fear"It is a procrastination action that was understood as being, but in fact it is "ImpulsivityWe know that it is related to. According to Professor Pierce Steel of organizational behavior theorist at the University of Calgary in Canada, this behavior seems to take action immediately as a result of the impulse caused by "fear".

Also, according to numerous research data, in the case of people with a low impulsive tendency, "fear" is the driving force to start action, whereas people with strong impulsivity feel "fear" It has turned out to tend to stop. According to Steel, a person with a strong impulse is not good at dealing with "fear" and tends to take away bad feelings by doing something else.

Experts point out that continuous procrastination behavior and extreme procrastination behavior are likely to cause various problems such as collapse in married life and unemployment and take proactive action postponed It has been found that people have a high probability of "depression" and anxiety and tend to have lower mental and physical health conditions.

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In particular, the current situation is not so well-known about the influence of procrastination behavior on physical and health aspects. Professor Huskia Shiroya of the University of Sheffield, UKresearch contentIt is clear from the procrastination that people suffering from hypertension and heart disease tend to have a lower proportion of positive response to illness. Professor Shiroya suggested that such people tend not to understand the importance of treatment well, take action to escape from effective treatment activities, accuse themselves of illness and forget to be sick It points out that it can be seen.

Professor Shiroya further points out that the person in the procrastination constitution has a weak ability to understand what decision and action he or she will have on himself in the future. Professor Shirowa, whose state is termed "temporal myopia", suggests that a person in the procrastination constitutes his or her future as "abstract" and "other people's affairs" On the other hand, he says that he has no emotional connection. About the cause of this trend Professor Shiroya lists "a strong stress situation that must be focused on the worries in front of you, rather than worrying about the future".

◆ How to deal with "procrastination"
In this way, it has been highlighted that there are various adverse effects in "procrastination behavior". As a countermeasure against the procrastination actions so far, "time management" to clarify the problem and manage the schedule until resolution has been effective, but from this experts alone it is big It is pointed out that an effect is not obtained. In order to implement more effective measures, it is necessary to include a viewpoint of controlling emotions.

One way to do this is to make a person in the procrastination constitution "aware that you have emotions like" strong worry "when you start something, but do not let them self-criticize for that reason Next, let 's start work and let' s make things progress little by little with a narrowed field of view ".

Also, Mr. Alexander Rosencentar, who majored in clinical psychology at the doctoral course, announcedresearch contentThe effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy using the Internet is told. In this study, we divided 150 subjects into two groups and asked each group to give a challenge and solve the problem either by themselves or with the cooperation of therapists.

Make one group finally set the goal, further break down the long-term goal to a short-term finer goal to advance the problem solving efforts, schedule for small breaks down and small goals We set a schedule very finely up to the reward such as "coffee break" when I cleared up. The other group is given only a long-term goal and we are working on the same problem solving subjects in a stressful state.

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As a result, it became clear that the group who broke down the problem succeeded in demonstrating higher problem solving ability than the other group. Furthermore, among them, it was also found that subjects with the help of a therapist left a better result, procrastination can be avoided if appropriate management and assistance is to be made, and better results are produced It also has been shown to lead to.

Professor Steel's research team is working on a way to deal with procrastination behavior in cooperation with software development companies. With software developed jointly with Hong Kong based company · Saent, for example, when opening Facebook on the Internet, it takes 15 seconds to display the page, intentionally to ask for unnecessary password originally A mechanism to prevent "derailment" of work by inserting it into the workplace is considered.

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In this way, even when saying "procrastination action" in one mouth, the levels vary from mild to continually occurring, and it turned out that "emotion" exists in the background It is. Professor Peterle said: "If you are only a person who is temporarily postpone things, you should start on the next task anyway without thinking anything extra, while on the other hand, it is on a continuous procrastination In the case of a person it is important to receive therapy to understand their emotions well and find ways to deal with problems. "


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